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Retford Almshouses

An hospital or almshouse, in Church Gate, and founded in 1657, by the bequest of Richard Sloswicke, is endowed with land and buildings in East and West Retford, now worth between 90 and 100 yearly, "for the maintenance of six poore old men of good carriage and behaviour" each of the six inmates receiving upwards of 15 yearly, besides two tons and a half of coals.

The womens almshouses containing apartments for eighteen poor women, are in Union Street, these houses were erected in 1823, at a cost of about 1,040, in place of the former buildings in Carol Gate. The site of these and the ancient premises annexed being sold for 1,370 defrayed the cost of the building the present houses, leaving in 1825, a balance of 250, the interest of which is distributed in colas to the inmates, who have no other allowance.


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