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Almshouses in the County of Wiltshire

Warminster Almshouses

In 1873 Almshouses for four aged Women, with a gift of 6s per week each, were erected by Miss Warren, in memory of her Husband.

Yerbury Widow's Almshouses, Trowbridge

In Roundstone Street, have an endowment left by Henry, Edward and William Yerbury in 1698, now producing 160 yearly, from lands and money in the funds, and are for 6 poor Widows. Each inmate is paid 1 4s monthly. The old houses were entirely demolished and rebuilt in 1914.

Kelly's Directory 1915

The Old Men's Almshouses, Trowbridge

In Union Street, were built by public subscription in 1861 and are maintained by the income from funded property and by voluntary subscription. There are eight houses, and each occupant receives 6s weekly and usually a supply of fuel.

Kelly's Directory 1915

The New Almshouses, Trowbridge

At Islington, were erected in 1893 by George Llewellen Palmer esq. in memory of his Father. There are three houses and each occupant receives about 8s weekly.

Kelly's Directory 1915

Lady Brown's Cottage Homes, Trowbridge

In Polebarn Road, were erected and endowed by the late Sir William Roger Brown in memory of the Late Lady Brown (d.1898). There are six houses, the inmates of which must be Women, and inhabitants either of Trowbridge or Hilperton. Each receives 7s weekly.

Kelly's Directory 1915

Chapel Buildings, Trowbridge

William Applegate (d.1907) gave two almshouses in Chapel Buildings, Union Street, for two widow's, who receive about 3 yearly.

Kelly's Directory 1915

Hospital of St Nicholas, Salisbury

Situated close to Harnham Bridge, with a small chapel attached, said to have been built or endowed in 1220 by Countedd Ela, wife of the sixth Earl of Salisbury, for the benefit of pilgrims and wayfarers. It is now inhabited by six aged men and as many women, under a Master and Chaplain.

St Paul's Home, Salisbury

Erected in 1863, was founded and endowed by the Late Francis Attwood esq. of the Close, for Widows or Daughters of Clergymen of the diocese of Salisbury and Winchester. The structure is well built and now consists of six houses.

The Master's House
Pound Pill Corsham Wiltshire
SN15 9HT
Founded 1668  Schoolroom and 6 original Almshouses  plus 5 more modern additions in original buildings.
Wealth of original furniture and almost complete Schoolroom.
Anne Aust

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