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Falmouth - Earle's Retreat Asylum

The block of buildings situated on Bowling Green Hill, Falmouth, known as "Earle's Retreat" has been formally opened. The founder of the Retreat, Mr. George Earle, of Philadelphia in the United States, is a native of Falmouth, and, having realised a large fortune in America, has caused to be built, at his sole expense, a block of buildings to serve as an asylum for the aged and deserving poor of the town of Falmouth.The site is one of the finest in the town, and commands extensive views The Retreat, as described by the Cornish Telegraph, is in the Gothic style of architecture, and contains 32 rooms, 20 of which are occupied by two persons each, and the remaining 12 are single rooms, so that altogether accommodation is afforded for 52 persons, but it is contemplated in case of emergency, to make the single rooms answer for two persons.

The rooms are ventilated, and in each there is a fireplace, with imitation marble mantelpiece. The large rooms contain one large iron bedstead, and the smaller rooms one small iron bedstead each, and there are cupboards and other conveniences. The principal feature of the Retreat is the chapel, which is in the same style as the other portions of the Retreat.

There is accommodation in it for about 150 persons. The window facing the entrance is of stained glass, in the Geometric style. 

The Retreat is surrounded by a low wall and railings, between which and the buildings there are grass plots. The object of the Retreat is that a home, free of rent, shall be provided for the deserving poor of Falmouth in their declining years, and it is entirely of an unsectarian character.

At the present time, 32 inmates have been chosen for the Retreat, varying in age from 57 to 84 years. 

The Builder 1869 Vol XXVII pp914, 13th November 1869
Submitted by Alan Longbottom.

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