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Building News 1871

6th January 1871
015     The Surveyorship of Bridewell and Bethlehem Hospitals.
018     Leek - Alsop Memorial Hospital recently opened.

13th January 1871
038     Uxbridge Union. - alterations and additions.

20th January 1871

27th January 1871
061     The New St. Thomas's Hospital.
075     The Surveyorship of the Bridewell & Bethlehem Hospitals.

3rd February 1871
082     On the New St. Thomas's Hospital. contd from p 62

10th February 1871
117     Longsight Union to borrow 3,000

17th February 1871
131     Selected design for the Leeds Union Infirmary + illus p 128 p 147
132     Shaftesbury Cottage Hospital - Competition.
135     Henley Union - new buildings.

24th February 1871
150     Selected Design for Leeds Union Infirmary + illus p 147
153     Tenbury Union - Infectious diseases hospital.
155     Temporary Small-pox Hospital - Whitehall.

3rd March 1871
173     Proposed Mortuary etc for Newington.

10th March 1871
189     Wharfedale Poor Law Union - new Workhouse Plans.
191     Temporary Small-pox Hospital in London Millbank St.

17th March 1871
208     New Fever Hospital for Bolton.
211     New Fever Hospital at Stockwell opened
211     Temporary Small-pox Hospital - Battersea.

24th March 1871
237     Metropolitan Asylums Board purchase land at West Brompton for additional small-pox patients.
237     Proposed new workhouse at Leyburn.

31st March 1871

7th April 1871
270     Lambeth Workhouse - foundation stone laid.
271     Geo Morland's Pictures in Whitecross Street Prison.

14th April 1871
283     Shaftesbury Cottage Hospital.
287     Proposed Mortuary for the City of London.
287     Cottage Hospital at Yeovil.

21st April 1871
307     A New Hospital for Wiltshire nr Marlborough.

28th April 1871

5th May 1871
340     London Poor Houses, and what to do with them.

12th May 1871
373     Liverpool, Stanley Hospital - Competition.

19th May 1871

26th May 1871
419     Sheffield - Ragged Schools at Peacroft.

2nd June 1871
428     West of England Sanatorium at Weston-super-Mare. illus p 435.

9th June 1871
450     St. George's Hanover Square Board of Guardians proposed new workhouse for 1,000 at St. Ermin's Hill.

16th June 1871
475     Salford Union Workhouse - Competition.

23rd June 1871

30th June 1871
508     The New St. Thomas's Hospital.
521     Essex County Gaol at Springfield.
521     Mid-Lothian and Peebles District Asylum.



13th January 1871
040     Kennington - For erecting a new Workhouse at Kennington, Surrey for the Parish of Lambeth. Messrs R Parris and T.W. Aldwinckle, architects
Quantities supplied by Mr. T. Nixon.
Highest - 52,500 Brass & Son
Lowest  - 42,784 Henshaw
Architect's Estimate was 42,350

27th January 1871
076     St. Lukes - For kitchen, offices and fittings at St. Luke's workhouse for the Guardians of the Poor of Holborn Union. Mr H. Saxon Snell, architect
Highest - 2,773 Lathey Brothers
Lowest -  1,943 Crabb & Vaughan

3rd February 1871
101     Nottingham - For the erection of lock, itch, and skin diseases wards at the Nottingham Union. Mr Walker, architect.
Highest - 3,190 Marriott & Co
Lowest -  2,826 Slim (accepted)

3rd February 1871
101     Sudbury For new village hospital at Sudbury for Miss Copland.Messrs E Habershon & Brock architects. only 2 tenders
Kindell         695
Haynes          640

10th February 1871
120     Chelsea For alterations and additions to St. George's Hanover Square, Union Fulham Road, Chelsea.
Highest - 2,594 Turrell of Sloane Street
Lowest  - 1,750 Bradley

10th March 1871
191     Savernake (Wilts) For the erection of the Savernake Cottage Hospital 2 tenders
Futeher of Salisbury    2,999
Roberts of London       2,900 ?

17th March 1871
212     New Radford, Notts. For a Detached Infirmary to the above Union to be completed in four months.
Highest - 2,000 James Wright & Son
Lowest  - 1,705 J Clarke

17th March 1871
212     Worcester For alterations and additions to Worcester Infirmary.Mr. Martin of Birmingham, architect
Highest - 5,735 Everall
Lowest  - 4,397 Wood & Son (accepted)

24th March 1871
237     Bethnal Green For Waterclosets and enclosure wall at the Bethnal Green Workhouse for the Guardians of Bethnal Green - Quantities supplied. Mr. W Mundy, architect.
Highest - 282 Rivett
Lowest  - 232 Stevenson

24th March 1871
237     Bethnal Green For receiving wards at the Bethnal Green Workhouse for the Guardians of St. Matthew, Bethnal Green - Quantities supplied. Mr. W Mundy, architect.
Highest - 2,120 Wicks, Bangs & Co
Lowest  - 1,717 Rose (accepted)

24th March 1871
238     St. Pancras For the erection of relief offices, Camden Town, for the Guardians of the Poor of the parish of St. Pancras. Messrs Richardson & Waghorn, surveyors.
Highest - 1,834 Kelly Brothers
Lowest  - 1,517 Henshaw

14th April 1871
288     Shaftesbury
For the erection of cottage hospital as a memorial to the late Marquis of Westminster, K.G. Mr. J.B. Corby, architect, Stamford.
Highest - 1,909 Thoday
Lowest  - 1,431 Miles (accepted)

28th April 1871
336     Bromley
For water closets, baths, lavatory fittings, and other plumber's work at the Poplar and Stepney (Poor Law) Sick Asylum, Bromley Middlesex. Arthur & C Harston, architects, 31 East India Road.
Highest - 1,500 Finch
Lowest  - 1,445 Mann (accepted)

19th May 1871
398     Hammersmith
For building new wings and making alterations and additions to the infirmary of the Fulham Union Workhouse, for the Guardians of the Fulham Union. Mr. John G. Hall, architect.
Highest - 4,650 Foxley
Lowest  - 2,694 Rose

19th May 1871
398     Newington
For additions to Newington Workhouse, Surrey for the Guardians of the St. Saviour's Union. Messrs Henry Jarvis & Son, architects.
Highest - 9,995 Marsland & Sons
Lowest  - 7,714 Croker

19th May 1871
398     Weston-super-Mare
For the erection of the first portion of the West of England Sanatorium, Weston-super-Mare. Mr. Hans F. Price, architect.
Highest - 6,982 Beavan & Sons
Lowest  - 3,811 Harvey & Son (accepted)

26th May 1871
421     Cardiff
For the erection of a new workhouse Mr. E.W.Stephens of Maidstone architect. Quantities supplied by Messr Batson & Hunt.
Highest - 11,740 Jones
Lowest  - 7,950 Wood

23rd June 1871
502     Maidstone
For alterations to Maidstone Gaol for the Justices of the County of Kent. Mr. Martin Bulmer, surveyor.
Highest - 760 Dover, Dowel & Co
Lowest  - 428 Davis (accepted)

30th June 1871
524     Crickhowell
For the erection of a workhouse at Crickhowell. Mr. W.P.James architect of Cardiff
Highest - 8,493 Lewis
Lowest  - 5,778 Biggs


6th January 1871
022     Wharfedale Union, Feb 9th
For plans, specifications and estimate for the erection of a new workhouse, to accommodate 150 inmates, exclusive of vagrants, on ground situate at Newhall near Otley. C.J. Newstead, clerk to the Guardians, Board Room, Boroughgate Otley.

6th January 1871
022     Worcester General Infirmary Jan 14th
For the erection of an out-patients department, and for making sundry alterations and additions to the Worcester General Infirmary Messrs Martin and Chamberlain, architects, Christ Church Buildings Birmingham.

13th January 1871
040     London (St. Luke's Workhouse) Jan 25th
For the erection of a kitchen and offices at the St. Luke's Workhouse City Road. James W. Hill, Clerk to the Guardians, Offices, Workhouse, Gray's Inn Road.

10th March 1871
192     Henley Union March 14th
For the erection of new school at the Union Workhouse, Henley on Thames. Nicholas Mercer, clerk, Henley.

10th March 1871
192     Bradford March 15th
For works required for the erection of a terrace of 15 houses to be built near the Manningham Railway Station. Marsden & Bennett, architects, Popplewell's Chambers, Market St. Bradford.

31st March 1871
254     Clitheroe - April 15th
For the whole or any portion of the works required in the erection of a new workhouse. John Eastham, clerk to the Guardians.

14th April 1871
288     St. Mary Islington - April 20th
For the alteration and enlargement of their workhouse school at Hornsey Road. William Hicks, clerk to the Guardians, Offices at St. John's Road, Upper Holloway.

5th May 1871
358     Fulham Union - May 10th
For certain buildings and alterations in connection with the infirmary and union workhouse. T. Aplin Marsh, Clerk to the Guardians, Fulham Union Workhouse, Hammersmith.

5th May 1871
358     Cardiff - May 19th
For the erection of new infirmary, vagrant wards, board rooms, and offices at the Cardiff workhouse. W.P.Stephens, clerk.

26th May 1871
421     Hackney Union - May 31st
For the erection of certain lavatories and closets at the workhouse above mentioned. John Godwin, Clerk to the Guardians, Hackney Union, Homerton.

26th May 1871
 421     Woolwich - June 7th
For the erection of an infirmary for Woolwich Union. Apply to Mr. E.B.Sargent, Clerk to the Guardians, Edward St. Woolwich.

9th June 1871
463     Fulham Union - 15th June
For the erection of certain buildings and alterations in connection with the infirmary and union workhouse. T.Aplin Marsh Clerk to the Guardians, Fulham Union Workhouse, Hammersmith.

9th June 1871
463     Merthyr Tydfil Union - June 23rd
Aberdare Hospital - For the erection of the above hospital near Mill Street, Aberdare. Frank James, clerk 184 High St. Merthyr.

9th June 1871
463     Kent Maidstone Prisons - June 13th
For alterations to two buildings at the County Prisons, Maidstone. F.Russell, Clerk of the Peace, Maidstone.

9th June 1871
463     Crickhowell - June 18th
For the erection and completion of the new workhouse at Llangattock Crickhowell. Mr W.P. James, Royal Arcade, Cardiff.

9th June 1871
463     House of Correction, Coldbath Fields - June 23rd
For sundry works in the alteration of some of the prison buildings. John S. Skaife, clerk to the Visiting Justices.


Building News Vol 20 January to June 1871 526 pp
Submitted by Alan Longbottom

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