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Prov. Lic Houses
Metro. Lic. Asylums
Private Asylums

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Prov. Lic Houses
Metro. Lic. Asylums
Private Asylums

Twenty Second Report of the Commissioners in Lunacy to the Lord Chancellor

p 001 Number of Insane Persons in Asylums etc App A

p 001 Licenses and Changes in Proprietorship App B

p 001-006 County and Borough Asylums 
p 001 Berkshire ~ see County Pages
p 002 Buckinghamshire
p 002 Chester ~ see County Pages
p 003 Durham
p 003 Hereford ~ see County Pages
p 004 Kent
p 004 Lancaster, Rainhill ~ see County Pages
p 004 Leicester ~ see County Pages
p 004 Abergavenny
p 005 Northumberland
p 005 Oxford & Berkshire
p 005 Somerset
p 005 Surrey, Brookwood ~ see County Pages
p 006 Sussex
P 006 Yorkshire East Riding ~ see County Pages
p 006 Yorkshire West Riding ~ see County Pages

p 006 Birmingham
p 006 Ipswich ~ see County Pages
p 007 State Asylum, Broadmoor App G
p 007 Military Lunatic Hospital, Fort Pitt App H
p 007 Royal Naval Lunatic Hospital, Yarmouth App I
p 007 Isle of Man 

We have been informed that the new Asylum for the Isle of Man is approaching completion, and Mr J T Hingston, formerly the assistant medical officer at the North Riding Asylum, and latterly at the lunatic asylum, Northampton, has been appointed the resident medical superintendent. It is expected that the building will shortly be opened for the reception of patients.

Metropolitan Licensed Houses
p 007 Bethnal House
p 009 Grove Hall
p 010 Camberwell House
p 011 Hoxton House
p 012 Peckham House
p 012 Derwentwater House
p 012 Effra Hall
p 013 Clarence Villa
p 013 Earl's Court House
p 013 Montague House
p 014 Blacklands House
p 014 Elm House
p 014 Manor House
p 014 Clapham Retreat
p 015 Brooke House
p 016 Munster House
p 016 Normand House
p 016 Otto House
p 016 London House
p 017 Pembroke House
p 017 Upper Mall House
p 018 Sussex & Brandenburgh Houses
p 018 Lawn House
p 019 Kent Lodge
p 019 Vine Cottage
p 019 Hayes Park
p 019 Wood End Grove
p 20 Hendon House
p 20 Moorcroft House
p 20 Wyke House
p 21 Kensington House
p 22 51 Priory Road, Kilburn
p 22 Great House Leyton
p 22 Southall Park
p 22 The Shrubbery, Southall
p 22 South Lodge
p 23 Grove House, Stoke Newington
p 23 Northumberland House
p 23 Halliford House
p 24 Twickenham House

Provincial Licensed Houses
p 24 Alterations in the Law
In the Lunacy Acts Amendment Act 1862, several important provisions affecting houses licensed by justices were introduced.
By the 14th Section: no house can now be licensed for the first time without the notice given by the applicant, and the plan of the house and premises being submitted to the commissioners, who are required to inspect them, and ascertain whether the situation, structure, arrangements, and condition of the premises are suitable for the patients proposed to be received therein; and no license can be granted by the justices until the report of the commissioners has been received and taken into consideration. Neither can the consent of the visitors of any licensed house be given to any addition to, or alteration being made therein, without the plan and description of the same being transmitted to the commissioners, who are to make such inquiries or inspection as they may deem proper, and transmit a report to the clerk of the peace, stating their approval or not of the proposed changes.
By the 16th Section : the commissioners in the metropolitan district and the justices in the provinces, are to give their approval or otherwise of the physician, surgeon, or apothecary required to reside in, or visit houses, the proprietors of which were licensed prior to the Lunacy Act Chapter 100 of 1845.
The 17th Section; makes it penal to receive into any licensed house more than the specified number of patients, or to depart from the 
terms of the license as to the sex or class of patients to be received.

p 25 Springfield House near Bedford
p 25 Winslow Hall
p 25 Wye House
p 26 Plympton House, Plympton
p 27 Dinsdale Park nr Darlington
p 27 Dunston Lodge nr Gateshead
p 28 Essex Hall, Colchester
p 28 Witham
p 28 Vernon House, Briton Ferry
p 29 Northwoods, nr Bristol
p 30 Fairford Retreat
p 30 Croft House, Fairford
p 30 Sandywell Park
p 31 Westbrook House
p 31 Harpenden Hall
p 31 Hadham Palace
p 32 North Grove House, Hawkhurst
p 32 Tattlebury House
p 32 West Malling Place
p 32 Marsden Hall
p 32 Clifton Hall
p 33 Haydock Lodge
p 34 Tue Brook Villa
p 34 Heigham Hall
p 35 The Grove, Catton
p 35 Abington Abbey
p 35 Stretton House
p 35 Grove House, All Stretton
p 35 Brislington House
p 36 Longwood House
p 37 Bailbrook House
p 37 Upper House, Combe Down
p 38 Amberd House
p 38 Downside Lodge
p 39 Moat House
p 39 Barr House
p 39 Aspall Hall
p 39 The Grove, Ipswich
p 40 Belle Vue House
p 40 Lea Pale House
p 40 Church Street, Epsom
p 40 Ticehirst
p 40 Church Hill House, Brighton
p 41 Driffold House
p 41 Burman House
p 41 Arden House
p 41 Hurst House
p 42 Dorridge Grove
p 42 Laverstock House
p 43 Fisherton House
p 44 Fiddington House
p 45 Kingsdown House
p 45 Droitwich Asylum
p 45 Marfleet Lane Retreat
p 45 Dunnington House
p 46 Terrace House, Osbaldwick
p 46 Mount Stead near Leeds
p 46 Greta Bank
p 46 Grove House Acomb
p 46 Lime Stree House
p 46 Lawrence House

The Insane in Workhouses
p 47 District Asylums for the chronic and harmless patients
to be provided under the Metropolitan Poor Act.

p 48 Lunatic Wards in Workhouses

p 48 Improper detention therein of recent cases

p 48 Casualties

p 49 Deaths from fractured ribs at Clifton Union Workhouse

p 51 Homicide in lunatic ward of Stockport Union Workhouse

p 53 Ill treatment of a patient in Bromsgrove Union Workhouse

p 58 Prosecutions for Illegal reception of Patients without 

Seven Indictments have been laid by our Board during the past 12 months of which five have been successful, one failed, and one is pending.
Dr Milburn of Aldringham Mr Sheward of Malvern Wells Mr Shaw of The Firs, Boreham Wood, Elstree and Mr Robinson of Newbury, were the medical men found guilty.
Mr John Hawley, a small lodging-house keeper of Matlock Bank who had been employed previously at Dr Smedley's Hydropathic Establishment, was charged with receiving a young gentleman from
that establishment in a maniacal condition, and of keeping him for six weeks.

p 64 Ill Treatment of Patients.
p 64 Case of Frederick Lockyear, Devon Asylum
p 65 Case of T Brighton, North Riding Asylum
p 66 Case of Edwin Hicks, Cheshire Asylum
p 66 Kent Asylum
p 67 Prestwich Asylum
p 67 Case of M A Bower, Carmarthen Asylum
p 67 Case of C Tye, Birmingham Asylum
p 68 Hanwell Asylum

Fatal Casualties and Injuries in Asylums
p 68 Death from scalds in a bath at Salop Asylum
p 70 Homicide, Essex Asylum
p 70 Death from exhaustion after manis & fractured ribs at Hanwell Asylum
p 70 Homicide at Lancaster Asylum
p 71 Death from fractured ribs at Hants Asylum

p 74 Mr L at Wye House, Buxton
p 75 Mr C at Brooke House, Clapton
p 77 S.M. at Lancaster Asylum
p 77 Miss R at Grove Hall, Bow
p 78 H.P. at Stafford Asylum
p 78 J.M. at North Riding Asylum
p 79 A.P. at Colney Hatch Asylum
p 79 Mrs C at St Thomas' Hospital, Exeter
p 80 T.M. at North Riding Asylum
p 82 Midland Counties Idiot Asylum
p 83 Want of Asylum Accommodation

New Enactments
p 88 Detention of Insane Paupers in Workhouses
p 89 Pauper Lunatics from Boroughs not conterminous with Unions
p 89 Maintenance in County Asylums
p 89 Amendment of Lunacy Acts

p 93 A - Number of Insane Persons in Asylums etc With names of Superintendents & Medical Officers

p 108 B - Licenses and Changes in Proprietorship 

New Licence - Silverston House, Linden Grove Peckham Rye to Mrs C Fruin
Licence Expired - The Friars, Acton, Mrs Nesbitt

Changes of Proprietorship
Blacklands House Chelsea and Otto House Fulham A C Sutherland has become the Licensee of these houses

Moorcroft House Hillingdon and Wood End Hayes
I have to notice the death of Dr G J Stilwell the 
former licensee.

Northumberland House This house is now licensed to J T Sabben and Mrs Sabben, formerly Mrs Birkett.

New Licences
1 - Leathes House near Penrith to Dr Head
2 - Midland Counties Idiot Asylum (late Dorridge Grove) to Miss Darke

Licenses Expired
1 - Dorridge Grove Knowle Common - see p 83
2 - Moorend House near Cheltenham - Mr T Holme

Changes of Proprietorship etc
Driffold House, Sutton Coldfield, Dr G F Bodington has become co-licensee

Tue Brook Villa nr Liverpool. Mr H Owen has become the Sole Licensee

Laverstock House near Salisbury. Dr Bushman has ceased to be a licensee

Brislington House near Bristol. Dr C H Fox has become co-licensee

Burman House and Hurst House, Henley in Arden.
We have to notice the death of Dr Fayrer.

p 110 C - Average Weekly Cost of Maintenance
p 125 E - Entries by Commissioners at County & Borough Asylums
p 237 F - Plans of Asylums
Sussex Asylum, Glamorgan Asylum, Worcester Asylum, Surrey Asylum, Brookwood, West Riding Asylum, Wakefield
p 245 G - Report on the State Asylum at Broadmoor
p 251 H - Report on Fort Pitt
p 252 I - Report on Yarmouth Naval Lunatic Hospital

Source: Submitted by Alan Longbottom
From PP 1867/68 Vol XXXI pp 1-301
Twenty Second Report of the Commissioners in Lunacy to the Lord Chancellor

p 255 J - Workhouses, List of those visited in 1867
With Name of the Workhouse and numbers of 
insane, idiotic, and imbecile inmates, 
Total of Workhouses visited 299

In the same Volume 1867/68 XXXI on following pages are 17th Report on the District, Criminal, and Private Lunatic Asylums in Ireland with Appendices 132 pp on (303-434)

10th Annual Report of the General Board of Commissioners in Lunacy for Scotland with Appendices on (435-696) pages i-lxvii and Appendices on pages 70-250

Source: Submitted by Alan Longbottom
From PP 1867/68 Vol XXXI pp 1-301
Twenty Second Report of the Commissioners in Lunacy to the Lord Chancellor

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