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Met Lic Ass 1870

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Met Lic Ass 1870



p 12: Case of Rees Price - A case of death from fractured ribs occurred at this [Carmarthen] asylum on 8th January ... The Commissioners ... had themselves no doubt that the injuries had been inflicted by an attendant at the asylum , on the morning after the patient’s admission ... We have been informed that the attendant John Hughes has been dismissed. [There are details of injuries etc & also of the patient’s history - See also Appendix F]

p 13: At the Chester Asylum an attendant named James Blagg, whilst in a state of intoxication, violently assaulted a patient named G.I.. He was charged before the Chester magistrates, & sentenced to pay a fine of 10l., or to be imprisoned for three months.

If the prompt & vigorous course of action adopted by the visitors in this case were followed in other counties, there is little doubt that the number of assaults of this description would be greatly diminished.

p 17: There has been here an example of gross violence & cruelty committed upon a male patient by two attendants named William Wood & John Hodson, but, owing to prompt proceedings & careful investigation on the part of the superintendent & the committee of visitors, supported by the courage & intelligence of a patient who witnessed the assault, these men were indicted at the next assizes, and, solely upon the patient’s evidence, were found guilty, and each sentenced by Mr Justice Willes to seven years’ penal servitude.

[The victim’s name was William Wilson, 52, paralysed & feeble - The name of the witness was James Dutton - evidence is detailed]

p 19: The case of Santi Nistri - died in Hanwell Asylum [Middlesex] on 21st October last, from the effects of fractured ribs & sternum - Special Inquiry held - no conclusion as to exactly how injuries were received but Commissioners were in no doubt that they had been received in the asylum.  [see also Appendix G]

p 20:The circumstances attending the death of a man named W.E. who died in Hanwell Asylum [Middlesex] from the effects of scalds received in a bath was also the subject of a special inquiry.

He had been taken to the bath-room to be cleansed by an attendant named James Patterson, who, contrary to an express rule, first turned on the hot water & then left the room. On his return shortly afterwards, he found that the patient had got into the bath during his absence, & that he was scalded most severely ....[further details of case  given]

In this instance the visitors dismissed the attendant Patterson, & also intimated to the night attendant [who was not named] that any future neglect of duty would be followed by his immediate discharge.

p 22: The following notice was forwarded by the superintendent of the Shropshire Asylum:

“The attendant, Lloyd Jones, was struck by an excited patient named Thomas
Lister; in the altercation which ensued some ribs of the latter were broken. The committee of visitors, after a full investigation of the case, deemed that undue violence had been used by the attendant, who was immediately dismissed”

 p 26: In September last an inquest was held at this [North Riding] asylum on the body of a male patient, when the following verdict was returned:

“That the deceased [M.D.] met his death from being accidentally scalded through the gross negligence of attendants Henry Brockbank & William Tracey”. [Details of circumstances etc are stated]

P 27: The attendant Tracey was dismissed immediately, and after the coroner’s inquest was committed to York Castle & at the ensuing winter assizes was indicted for neglect & ill-treatment. He was found guilty but recommended for mercy. He spent 3 months in prison & was then discharged.  Brockbank, the head attendant of the ward, received a severe reprimand & caution.


Camberwell House p42.
On 25th November last it was reported that a male patient, named Cansdale, was suffering from a broken rib. A special inquiry was held.  From patient, who was in a state of dementia, they could obtain no information.

Another attendant, M, stated that he had seen Williams, the infirmary attendant, in a padded room dressing Cansdale who had dirtied his bed ...  he looked through the door into the room & saw Williams twice lift up Cansdale, wrapted in the bed-clothes, & twice drop him on the floor. ...  The Commissioners, having satisfied themselves of the truthfulness of the attendant M, considered the fact of the rough usage witnessed by him on the part of Williams towards Cansdale to be established, & he (Williams) was accordingly dismissed.


p 51: Cases of fatal scalding

1)   An imbecile woman, named Kempster, at the Newbury Union Workhouse - she was a person of dirty habits, & required to be frequently bathed - In the absence of the infirmary nurse she was placed in a bath of hot water by a young able-bodied pauper & an imbecile assistant.

2)   At Frome union workhouse a patient, named Brewer, a harmless idiot, was having his usual weekly bath in the receiving ward. Brewer got into the bath &, finding the water too cold, another imbecile patient, intending merely to make the bath of a comfortable warmth for his successor, brought a bucket of boiling water from an adjacent boiler, & threw it accidentally over the shoulders of the patient Brewer.

p 53: Death of a patient from injuries sustained in the Chorlton Workhouse - The patient, named Callaghan, who was a carter, & 48 years of age, was demented, feeble & partly paralysed. Before arriving at Prestwich Asylum a fortnight earlier, he had been an inmate at Chorlton Union Workhouse, but having become violent & troublesome he was removed to the asylum in the care of the relieving officer. He was found to have chest injuries & subsequently died.

There was insufficient evidence to confirm how these injuries were sustained & no blame was attached to any particular individual. The jury returned an open verdict.


p 62: The case of Miss Mercy Wood, of Bradford, a lunatic, who had for two years been illegally confined by Robert Dixon Smith, a quarry owner, in his house at Bradford, where all access to her was refused.  He was committed for trial at the summer assizes at Leeds - she was removed by the police, for protection & care, to the union workhouse - a verdict of guilty was returned - details of sentence are unclear.

p 64: Thomas Lightfoot of Ancoats charged with alleged cruel treatment of his brother Samuel, 60 years of age & described as “blind, exceedingly deaf & idiotic”. Jury returned a verdict of “Not guilty” - details of evidence are given.

p 66: William Hall charged at Plympton, Devon with having cruelly beaten & otherwise cruelly ill-treated John Snawden, a lunatic under his charge.  Hall was convicted & fined 10l. & costs, with the alternative of 2 months imprisonment - Snawden was sent to Devon County Asylum.

p 67: At Loughborough, William Wallace, a lunatic, was found in the house of Jane North, a widow - she was subsequently prosecuted for receiving a lunatic without an order & certificates, & for abusing & ill-treating him.  She was convicted & sentenced to nine months imprisonment.

p 68: At Loughborough an aged & harmless lunatic named J Bagnall Wild was alleged to have been for  upwards of 30 years under the charge, without legal authority, of Henry Black, a farmer at Sheepshed near Loughborough.  Mr Wild was removed to the County Asylum - Black appeared at Leicestershire spring assizes - he was found guilty of illegal reception without certificate but nor guilty of cruelty - he was sentenced to two months imprisonment.

APPENDIX A - COUNTY LUNATIC ASYLUMS - Superintendents & Medical Officers

York, W Riding Wakefield Dr. J.C. Browne
Birmingham Birmingham T. Green (surgeon)
Bristol Stapleton, nr Bristol Dr. H.O. Stephens
Hull Hull F.W. Casson (surgeon)
London (city of) Stone, nr Dartford Dr. O. Jepson
Leicester Humberstone Mr J.E.M. Finch (surg)
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Bensham nr Gateshead F. Sutton (surg)
Norwich St Augustine's Gate Dr. H,G, Stewart


Devon Wonford House, ~Exeter Dr. T. Lyle
Gloucester Barnwood House, Gloucester Dr. A. J. Wood
Lancaster Liverpool Lunatic Asylum J. A. Stockwell (surg)
Lancaster Manchester Royal Lunatic Hospital, Cheadle G. W. Mould (surgeon)
Lincoln Lincoln Lunatic Asylum F. D. Walsh (surgeon)
Middlesex St Luke's Hospital, Old St Dr. Dickson
Norfolk Bethel Hospital, Norwich C. M. Gibson (surgeon)
Northampton Northampton General Lunatic Hospital J. Bayley (surgeon)
Nottingham Nottingham Lunatic Hospital, The Coppice, Nottingham Dr. W. B. Tate
Oxford Warneford Lunatic Asylum, Headington Hill, Nr Oxford Thomas Allen (surg)
Stafford Charitable Institution for the Insane, Coton Hill Dr. J. D. Hewson
Surrey Bethlehem Hospital, Lambeth Road, S.E. Dr. W. F. Williams
Surrey Asylum for Idiot's, Earl's Wood, nr Reigate Dr. G. W. Grabham
York York Lunatic Asylum Dr. F. Needham
York The Retreat, York Dr. J. Kitching
Berkshire State Criminal Asylum, Broadmoor Dr. J. Meyer
Kent Fort Pitt, Chatham Dr. T. Blatherwick
Norfolk Royal Naval Hospital, Yarmouth Dr. W. Macleod



Beds                Springfield House, nr Bedford                                   H Harris (surgeon)

Chester             Hollingworth Hall, Hollingworth                                 Mr E Rowlands

Cumb                Leathes House, nr Penrith                                       Dr T Head

Derby               Wye House, Buxton                                               Drs T & F K Dickson

Devon               Kenton House, Kenton                                            Miss E A Teague

Devon               Plympton House, Plympton                                        S Langworthy (surgeon)

Durham              Dinsdale Park, nr Darlington                                    Dr J W Eastwood

Durham              Dunston Lodge, nr Gateshead                                     W Garbutt

Essex               Essex Hall, nr Colchester                                       W Millard

Essex               Witham                                                                      T M Tomkin (surgeon)

Glam                Vernon House, Broton Ferry                                      Charles Pegge (surgeon)

Glos                Northwoods, nr Bristol                                                      Dr J G Davey

Glos                Fairford House, Fairford                                        Daniel Iles

Glos                The Croft House, Fairford                                       Mrs Iles

Glos                Sandywell Park, Dowdeswell                                      Dr W H O Sankey

Glos                Tusculum House, Mitcheldean                                     Mrs Powell

Hants               Westbrook House, Alton                                          Mrs E Burnett

Herts               Harpenden Hall, nr St Albans                                    A G Rumball

Herts               Hadham Palace                                                               Dr F M Smith

Kent                North Grove House, Hawkhurst                                    W Harmer & Dr W M Harmer

Kent                Tattlebury House, Goudhurst                                     S W Newington (suregeon)

Kent                West Malling Place, nr Maidstone                                Dr T H Lowry

Lancs               Marsden Hall, Burnley                                           E A Bennett (surgeon)

Lancs               Clifton Hall, nr Manchester                                     Mrs Lomas & Mr D H Lomas

Lancs               Haydock Lodge, Ashton                                           Dr E Lister

Lancs               Tue Brook Villa, nr Liverpool                                   H Owen (surgeon)

Norfolk             Heigham Hall, nr Norwich                                        W P Nichols & J F Watson


Norfolk             The Grove, Catton, nr Norwich                                   T J C Rackham

Northa              Abington Abbey Retreat, nr Northampton              Dr Thomas Prichard

Shrop               Stretton House, Church Stretton                       W Hyslop

Shrop               Grove House, All Stretton                                       Mrs Bakewell

Som                 Brislington House, nr Bristol                                   Drs F K & C H Fox

Som                 Longwood House, nr Bristol                                      Dr G Rogers

Som                 Bailbrook House, Bath Easton                                    J Terry (surgeon)

Som                 Upper House, Combe Down, Bath                       Miss B Long

Som                 Amberd House, nr Taunton                                        Dr F H Woodforde

Som                 Downside Lodge, Midsomer Norton                     Miss M Short

Staffs              Moat House, Tamworth                                            J F Woody (surgeon)

Staffs              Barr House, Great Barr, nr Birmingham               Mrs Moore

Suffolk             Aspall Hall, nr Debenham                                        Miss Chevallier

Suffolk             The Grove, Ipswich                                                          Dr B Chevallier

Suffolk             Belle Vue House, Ipswich                                        Miss S A F Walter

Surrey              Lea Pale House, nr Guildford                                    T J Sells (surgeon) &

Mrs Hewitt

Surrey              Church Street, Epsom                                            G Stilwell (surgeon)

Sussex              Ticehurst Asylum                                                            Dr Samuel Newington

Sussex              Church Hill House, Brighton                                     Mrs Foreman

Warw                Driffold House, Sutton Coldfield                    Dr G F Bodington

Warw                Burman House, Henley in Arden                          Dr Wade & Dr S H Agar

Warw                Arden House, Henley in Arden                          G R Dartnell (surgeon)

Warw                Hurst House, Henley in Arden                          Mrs Phillips

Warw                Midland Counties Idiot Asylum,                                  Dr T B E Fletcher

                        Dorridge Grove, Knowle Common          

Wilts               Laverstock House, nr Salisbury                                  Dr S L Haynes

Wilts               Fisherton House, nr Salisbury                                   W C Finch (surgeon) &

Dr J A Lush M.P.

Wilts               Fiddington House, Market Lavington                  Dr C Hitchcock

Wilts               Kingsdown House, Box                                            Dr Jos Nash

Worcs               Droitwich Asylum                                                            F I Bennett (surgeon)

Yorks E             Marfleet Lane Retreat, Sculcoates                               J Brown

Yorks E             Dunnington House, nr York                                       R H Hornby

Yorks N             Terrace House, Osbaldwick                                       Dr J Ure

Yorks W             Mount Stead, nr Leeds                                           Dr G P Smith & Mrs Smith

Yorks W             Greta Bank, Barnoldswick                                        Mr James Parker

Yorks W             Grove House, Acomb, nr York                            Mr Robert Pearson

Yorks W             Lime Tree House, Acomb, nr York                            Samuel Nelson (surgeon)

Yorks W             St John’s House, Wakefield                                      Dr J G Atkinson

York                Lawrence House, York                                            W Pumphrey






New Licences

1   Hollingworth Hall,             Longdendean, Ches                Mr C Rowlands

2   Kenton House,                        Kenton, Devon                         Miss E A Teague

3   St George’s Retreat,             Burgess Hill,                         Misses Eccles, Lavery &

                                                Sussex                                Parkinson


Licence expired

1       Leathes House,       Penrith                              Dr T Head


Changes in Proprietorship

1       Dinsdale Park, nr Darlington                                    Dr J W Eastwood is now sole licensee,

       vice Dr Macktintosh

2       Dunston Lodge, Gateshead                            Mr W Garbutt is sole licensee

3       Longwood House, nr Bristol                          Dr G Rogers is sole licensee

4       Midland Counties Idiot Asylum,                      Dr T B Fletcher has become             

        Knowle Green                                                    sole licensee

5   Marfleet Lane Retreat, Sculcoates                   On the death of Mrs Campbell house licensed to Mr J Brown

6       Terrace House, Osbaldwick                           Dr Ure has become licensee

vice Mrs Tose

7       Laverstock House, Salisbury                         Dr S L Haynes is sole


8       Tattlebury House, Goudhurst                         Mr Robert S Newington has

become licensee, vice S W Newington


APPPENDIX F - Case of Rees Price, patient in Carmarthen Asylum - see p 12.

Persons examined at the Asylum

James Thomas                        Patient in Ward 1

David Evans                         ditto

George Morgan                       ditto

Jenkin Davis                        ditto

Evan Jones                          ditto

James Jenkins                       ditto

Alexander McCormick                 ditto

John Thomas                         ditto

David Jenkins                       ditto

James Fish                          Porter

Dr Hearder                                      Medical Superintendent

Mr Evan Parry Davis                 Assistant Medical Officer

James Straker                       Head attendant

David Davies                        Attendant in Ward 1

Benjamin Thomas                     Attendant in Ward 2    

Henry Davies                        Attendant in Ward 2

Benjamin Davies                     Messenger & Assistant Attendant in Ward 2

John Hughes                         Attendant in Ward 1


Persons examined at the Workhouse

Daniel Williams                     Relieving officer

Mr G G L Williams                   Medical officer of workhouse

Miss Sarah Beynon                   Workhouse matron

Ann Morgan                          A pauper nurse

Eliza Hodgin                                    A pauper nurse

John Jones                                      Police serjeant

William Jones                       A man who assisted the serjeant in removing Price

from the workhouse to the asylum



APPENDIX G - Case of Santi Nistri - Patient at Hanwell Asylum - see p 19

Persons examined

Dr Begley                                       Medical Officer

Dr Lindsay                                      ditto

Dr Hawkes                           ditto

Inspector Cullen                    Attendant

Inspector Martin                    ditto

Jesse Pendrey                       ditto

John Sutton                                     ditto

John Harrison                       ditto

Charles Catmar                      Patient

Henry Etherington                   ditto

Eleazar Pickwick Fisher       ditto

Stephen Slaughter             ditto


IRELAND - 19th Report

p 22: Londonderry Asylum - Case of Suicide - Patient Mary Byrne was said to have swallowed a portion of subacetate of copper - an inquest was held but no post mortem - verdict “ ... that Mary Byrne came to her death from some poisonous substance unknown to us”.

p 26: Richmond Asylum - 2 cases of suicide.

Esther Kinsella hanged herself at the Grangetown Auxiliary with her apron.  John Leonard cut his throat with a chisel, taken from the tool-case of a carpenter.


APPENDIX C - Principal Officers of District Asylums - p 90

Resident Medical Superintendent - Physicians - Apothecary - Chaplain -

Clerks etc - Matron

1.   Armagh - Robert M’Kinstry - Thos Cumming - nil - nil - Samuel Parkes -

Miss Furlong

2.      Ballinasloe - Richard Eaton - Thomas Dillon - nil - Rev J C Walker(Prot)

& Rev J Kirwan(RC) - M Barret(clerk) & Joseph Leord(storekeeper) - Rose O’Callaghan

3.   Belfast - Robert Stewart - H MacCormac - James Moore - nil - Samuel

Devinney - Mary F Stewart

4.   Carlow - M P Howlett - Thos O’Meara - nil - Rev A B Perry(Prot) & Rev A Phelan(RC) - John Abraham - Lavinia Parson       

5.   Castlebar - J Edmundson - Myles J Jordan - nil - Rev W B Stoney(Prot) & Rev M Browne(RC) - John Gilham - Elizabeth Chance        

6.      Clonmel(parent) - Jas Flynn - W D Hemphill - Richard Graham - Rev F T Brady(Prot) & Rev P O’Meara(RC) - Edward O’Neile - F C Bell

7.      Clonmel(additional) - William H Garner - W D Hemphill - Richard Graham - Rev F T Brady(Prot) & Rev P O’Meara(RC) - John Richardson - Caroline


8.   Cork - Thomas Power - W C Townsend - nil - Rev W C Neligan & Rev Mr Dansford(Prot), Rev T Macafer(Pres) & Rev J O O’Riordan & Rev C Church(RC) - John P Duggan(storekeeper), William Connell(clerk) &

Geo Crofts(land steward) - Frances Eames

9.   Down - G St G Tyner - John K Maconchy - nil - nil - Geo H Whiteside -

Sarah M Taylor

10 Ennis - William Daxon - Patrick Maxwell Cullinan - William Stamer - Rev

P Dwyer(Prot) & Rev J Vaughan(RC) - Francis Fitzgerald - Anna


11 Enniscorthy - Thomas Wildridge Shiell - Thomas Geo Cranfield - Philip M

Cooke - Rev Jno Corvan(Prot) & Rev S Cloney(RC) - Robt Henderson -

Anne J H Allen       

12 Kilkenny - Barry Delaney - Lewis C Kinchela - John B Fitzsimmons - Rev W

de Montmerency(Prot) & Rev J O’Hanlon(RC) - Michael Curran - Joanna Ryan

13 Killarney - M Shine Lawlor - Walter Wm Murphy - O C M’Dermott - Rev E

Herbert(Prot) & Rev T Sheehy(RC) - J Wallace - M A Falvey                 

14 Letterkenny - James Alexander Eames - Henley Thorp - Benjamin Jolly -

Rev T Kemmis(Prot), Rev O Leitch(Pres) & Rev B Kelly(RC) - John

Speers - Eliza Malseed

15 Limerick - Robt Fitzgerald - Robt R Gelston - Samuel Hunt - Rev Benj

Jacob(Prot) & Rev M Fitzgerald(RC) - James Bodkin - Maria Raleigh

16 Londonderry - Edw Smith - B White - Wm J Eames - Rev W Craig(Prot), Rev

J Denham(Pres) & Rev M Tracey(RC) - Thomas Colhoun - Eliza Grant 

17 Maryborough - Joseph Henry Hatchell - David Jacob - J B Macnamara - Rev

J M Hobson(Prot) & Rev J Kinsella(RC) - Joseph Pemberton - Jane J


18 Monagan - J C Robertson - A K Young - James White - Rev W R

Bailey(Prot) & Rev J Bleckly(Pres) - Robert Coffey(clerk) & John

Patterson(house steward) - Emma Hudson

19 Mullingar - Henry Berkeley - J Ferguson - Wm Middleton - Rev C P

Reichel(Prot), Rev M Murphy(Pres) & Rev J Martin(RC) - John Newburn -

Cath Costello

20 Omagh - Francis J West - Henry Thompson - Francis Trenar - Rev R M

Swift(Prot), Rev J Mitchell(Pres) &  Rev C M’Cawley - George Quaile -

Hannah Hudson                                                       

21 Richmond - Joseph Lalor - R Tuohill, J F Banks & J Hughes - T E Hayes -

Rev E Leeper(Prot) & Very Rev Wm Canon Brock(RC) - J Nunn(secretary) - M

M M’Grane

22 Sligo - John M’Munn - Wm S Little - John Lougheed - Rev Edw Day(Prot) &

Rev J Morris(RC) - Robert Browne - Margaret Benson

23 Waterford - Frederick MacCabe - P R Connolly - John Mackesy - Ven

Archdeacon J Alcock(Prot) & Rev E J Browne(RC) - Thos S Keary - Susan



Armagh          Susan Smith           Matron


Ballinasloe     J B M’Kiernan          Manager

ditto                       M A Callan                          Matron

ditto                       John Hegarty           Attendant

ditto                       Bridget Meally          Nurse

ditto                       Cath. Brennan          Infirmary nurse

ditto                       Rose Carroll                        ditto

ditto                       John E Poyntz         Apothecary


Belfast         William Martin                      Attendant


Clonmel         Wm Jas Sheill         Visiting physician

ditto                       James Boland          Head keeper

ditto                       John Hawks             Tailor

ditto                       Mary Gaile                          Nurse

ditto                       Mary Doyle                          ditto

ditto                       Arthur Campbell       Gate keeper

ditto                       Margaret Ryan          


Cork                        Ellen Shea                          Assistant attendant

ditto                       Margaret Donnelly   ditto

ditto                      Margaret Magrath    ditto

ditto                       John P Duggan        Store keeper


Kilkenny        Anne Butler             Laundress


Killarney                   Mary Sweeny          Assistant nurse




Limerick        J B Bouchier           Apothecary

ditto                       Thomas Duggan     House Carpenter

ditto                       Catherine Mullins    Female attendant

ditto                       Bridget M’Mahon    ditto

ditto                       Ellen Lyons             ditto


Londonderry  Thomas M’Court              Gardener

ditto                       Andrew Ramsey      Gate keeper

ditto                       Alex. M’Kinley          Weaver


Maryborough   Eliza Abbott           Matron

ditto                    Robert Lewis         Gardener

ditto                    Susan Lewis          Gate keeper

ditto                    Fredk. Galbraith     Hall porter

ditto           Thomas Pilsworth        Apothecary

ditto           Thomas C Molloy         Clerk & storekeeper


Omagh      Hannah Duggan         Nurse

ditto           James Brien                         Attendant


Richmond  Catherine Wrigley       Matron

ditto           Bridget Briscoe                     Nurse

ditto           Bridget Tighe                       Housemaid

ditto           Cath. Timmons                       Nurse

ditto           John Reilly                         Gate porter

ditto           Mary Hoey                           Nurse

ditto           John Mollan                         Physician

ditto           Ellen Reilly                        Deputy nurse

ditto           Mary Lynch                          Nurse

ditto           Pakenham Beatty        Apothecary

ditto           Catherine Doyle                     Deputy Nurse

ditto           Mary Short                          ditto

ditto           Jane Carr                           Nurse

ditto           Eliza Williams                      ditto

ditto           Eliza Norton                        Infirmary matron

ditto           Catherine Byrne                     Deputy Nurse

ditto           Peter Nolan                         Attendant

ditto           Eliza Cahill                        Nurse

ditto           Edward Melia                        Attendant

ditto           C Buggy                             Nurse

ditto           J Kelly                             Attendant

ditto           T Rynhart                           ditto


Sligo         Anne Earls                          Female attendant


Waterford  Captain J Dodds         Manager

ditto           Michael Chambers      Attendant

ditto           Patrick Walsh                       Attendant & shoemaker

ditto           Catherine Dunn                      Nurse

ditto           Mary Smyth                          Laundress



Clonmel                     Catherine Butler

ditto                             Eliza Blake


Cork                            Eugene Larkin           Deceased Mar 25, 1869


Richmond                    James Brabazan          Deceased July 1 1869

ditto                             Catherine Morris        Deceased Dec 12 1869


SCOTLAND - 12th Report - No personal names were recorded at all.