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Proposed Hereford Asylum

In view of the impending dissolution of the union between the counties originally contributory to the Abergavenny Asylum, steps have been taken to build an Asylum by the authorities of the county and city of Hereford, with whom it is assumed, and to be desired, that a new union will be ultimately concluded by the county of Radnor.

A site having been selected about 2 miles from Hereford, called the Little Burlton Estate, consisting of 50 acres, it was inspected by 2 members of the Board who reported favourably on its position and the quality of the land, but expressed grave doubts upon the practicability of obtaining an adequate supply of water. This led eventually to the rejection of the site; but another site having been proposed upon the adjoining land called the Burlton Court Estate, whereupon a spring was available, an inspection was made and the site favourably reported upon, it offers 10 more acres of accommodation, but is one mile further from the city.
Source: Submitted by Alan Longbottom
From PP 1867/68 Vol XXXI pp 1-301
Twenty Second Report of the Commissioners in Lunacy to the Lord Chancellor p 003 Hereford

The Hereford County and City Lunatic Asylum

Located at Burghill, about 3 miles from Hereford, was erected in 1871 at a cost of 67,000 and is a structure of brick, from designs by Mr. Griffiths, architect, of Stafford, covering about 10 acres of land and is available for 400 inmates, 187 men and 213 women. There is also a farm and a garden of 100 acres. Increased accommodation is now (1900) in course of erection, for 50 males and 100 females, at an estimated cost of 40,000. Messrs Giles, Gough and Trollope are the architects for the enlargement. The House Committee meet on the first Tuesday in every month and the general committee of visitors quarterly.
Source: Kelly's Directory 1900

Hereford Lunatic Asylum - competition
A meeting was held last week of the committee appointed at the last Quarter Sessions to select the plans for the new Lunatic Asylum for the county and city of Hereford, which it has been determined to erect on the Burlton estate, near the city, consequent on the decision which has been made to dissolve the present union between the counties of, Hereford, Monmouth, Brecon, and Radnor, and the City of Hereford.
Three architects had been invited to send in designs, viz. Mr. Kempson and Mr Chick of Hereford and Mr. Griffiths of Stafford. After investigation of the respective plans, and interviews with the architects, the committee selected those of Mr. Griffiths, and they have been forwarded to London for examination by the Commissioners in Lunacy. It is stated that there was not more than 1,000 difference in the estimates of the architects, the highest being 39,000.
Source: The Builder 1868 Vol XXVI 21st March 1868 p.214
Submitted by Alan Longbottom


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