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New Lunatic Asylum for Ipswich
At last week's meeting of the town council the Town Clerk read the report from the Lunatic Asylum Committee, stating that they had received the following 
tenders for the erection of the asylum according to the plans approved by the last meeting of the town council. viz :-
William Root, plumber, etc 1,658
T. Stearn & Son plumber etc 1,618
J. Chinnock & Co, stonemasons 1,430
D & E Haggar, Plumbers etc 1,621
James Frewer, stonemasons 1,580
J.C.Lucas, plumbers etc 2,008
Robert Ireland, stonemasons 1,110

For the whole work.
W.G.Cunnold 20,180
William Kent of London 20,270
W.C.Penny of Lewisham 20,585
Henry Luff 19,980
Edward Gibbons 19,390
George Hewitt 19,700

The committee held two meetings for the examination of these tenders, and ultimately resolved that the tender of Mr Edward Gibbons should be accepted. The adoption of the report was agreed by the Council.The committee have engaged the services of Mr Edmund Catchpole as clerk of the works, at 3 guineas a week. 
Source: The Builder 1868 Vol XXVI 9th May 1868 p.343
Submitted by Alan Longbottom

Borough of Ipswich
p 006 Ipswich
Plans have been sanctioned for the Asylum to be erected for this Borough, upon the site referred to in our 21st Report. It is intended to accommodate 120 patients; but provision has been made in the plans for a possible future extension, so as to accommodate 200. The Commissioners had strongly advised that the building should have been made capable of receiving at once this larger number; and they think it matter for regret, even on the grounds of economy, that this course was not taken; because the surplus space not immediately required for Ipswich would have been available for the pauper lunatics of the Borough of King's Lynn, of others of the Norfolk and Suffolk boroughs yet unprovided with Asylums.
From PP 1867/68 Vol XXXI pp 1-301
Twenty Second Report of the Commissioners in Lunacy to the Lord Chancellor
Submitted by Alan Longbottom

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