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Sussex County Lunatic Asylum

Sussex County Lunatic Asylum was erected 1859 at Haywards Heath. Under the National Heath Service this Asylum became St Francis Hospital.

The Hospital has since closed and been redeveloped into residential accommodation called Southdown Park.

Ticehurst Asylum

Ticehurst was originally a Provincial Licensed Asylum and in 1870 was registered to Dr. Samuel Newington

Ticehurst was a big asylum in East Sussex
( ) Some casebooks were found and a monograph written about them - A diagnostic analysis of the Casebooks of Ticehurst House Asylum, 1845-1890 by Trevor H. Turner in Pyschological Medicine.  A book - Psychiatry for the Rich: A History of Ticehurst Private Aslyum -- by Charlotte MacKenzie has also been published.

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