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Droitwich Asylum

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Droitwich Asylum

Worcester County Lunatic Asylum

The Worcestershire Mental Hospital, Barnsley Hall, situated in the parish of North Bromsgrove, and belonging to the County Council, was opened 27th June, 1907. The site containing 324 acres, was purchased in 1899 at a cost of 17,000, and the estimated total cost of the erection, furnishing and equipment of the buildings amounted to about 216,000; the hospital is available for 285 male and 340 female patients.
It  later became known as Barnsley Hall Hospital. 
Percy Theodore Hughes - Medical Superintendent
Arthur Harcus - Deputy Medical Superintendent
William Westbury - Clerk
Gwillym John Lewis - Clerk of works and Engineer
Miss Beckham - Matron
Alfred Williams - Head Male Nurse
Source: Kelly's Directory 1921

Discussions were taking place as to a site somewhere close to Bromsgrove that might be chosen for a proposed new Lunatic Asylum to ease the burden on the Powick Institution.

The Journal of Mental Science

Ill treatment of a Pauper Lunatic at Powick
3 attendants charged with gbh on Patrick M'Kenna a         patient on 3rd Feb 1861.
Source: The Journal of Mental Science Vol 7 1860-61 p 144 
296 + 608 pp Wellcome Institute Library London.
submitted by Alan Longbottom

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Droitwich Lunatic Asylum

Transactions of the Provincial Medical and Surgical Association Volume XII 1844

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Droitwich Lunatic Asylum. Established in 1791. 
This Asylum is now under the management of the present Proprietors Martin Ricketts, Esq. Surgeon of Droitwich, and Charles Hastings M.D. Physician to the Worcester Infirmary. Dr Hastings visits the Asylum twice a week. 
The non-restraint system, with its important precautionary measures, is adopted at this Asylum. Religious observances are not neglected. Amusements and exercise, appropriate to the condition of the Patients, both in and out of doors, are carefully attended to, being found of great importance in the moral management of the Insane. Any information respecting the admission of Patients may be obtained on application to the Proprietors, or to Mr Clement Edkins, Member of the College of Surgeons, and Medical Superintendent at the
Source: Submitted by Alan Longbottom

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