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Bedfordshire Dispensaries

This page lists the Dispensaries classified as being within the County of Bedford.

Bedford Dispensary
The Bedford Provident Dispensary and Public Medical Service in St Peters Street was opened in 1873.

Leighton Buzzard Dispensary
The Provident Dispensary, North Street, established 1875 by the Late Rev. Peter Ovary a former Vicar of Wing and is managed by a committee consisting of the officers of the Dispensary, the Clergy and Non-Conformist Ministers resident in the Leighton Union, the ex-officio and elected Guardians of the poor and some others.

The County of Bedford
Bedfordshire takes its name from the shire Town of Bedford and lies in the southern part of the Midlands, about 50 miles north from London. It is a very small shire of irregular shape. Its greatest length is 36 and half miles from north to south, and its greatest breadth 22 half miles from east to west. The number of acres is 298,494 while about half the average size of a county. There are only 3 smaller counties, Hunts, Middlesex and Rutland. The population in 1831 was 95,483.
Source: Kelly's Directory Bedfordshire 1894

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