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Listed below are some of the sources that will be of use in researching your Ancestors. Individual Record Offices are included on the County Pages

Public Record Office



The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Research in Wales
Gareth Hicks Web Pages, a must for any Welsh Research

Public Records Office
Hospital Records Database

Historical Maps

Cyndi's List



Archive CD Books Project



Beginners Genealogy Research

GRO Index

Census Returns

Parish Registers

Workhouse Records

Cemeteries and Memorial Inscriptions

Professional Research

Orphanages / Childrens Homes 

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Link to UK Reformatories and Industrial Schools

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Beginners Genealogy Research

To commence your Genealogical research, gather as much Oral History as possible. Ask your relatives about their knowledge. Although it doesn't seem important at this stage, it is advisable to maintain accurate records. Write down Who you spoke to and when, adding what information you obtained. Some of the information will be correct, but some of it will not. All information therefore needs to be confirmed by a primary source.

GRO Index (formerly St Catherine's Index)

The introduction of Birth, Marriage and Death registers commenced in July 1837. They can be viewed at most Record Offices and Major Libraries. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) have filmed the GRO Index, which can be viewed at your nearest Family History Library.

The Index is arranged into four quarters for each year March, June, September and December. The March quarter contains the entries registered for January, February and March of that year, and so forth for the other quarters. Each fiche (or film) is then arranged alphabetically. Please bear in mind that although a birth may have occurred in February, it may not have been registered until April. Spelling variations also need to be considered - many people could not read or write, and the entry was written by the Registrar from  spoken word.

The entry will give you the name, and the quarter, and the registration area with a registration code.

If you have a common Surname it will be extremely difficult to distinguish the entry you are looking for.

Many of these entries are now being provided on the internet through FREEBMD with new additions made daily. 


The Census is taken every 10 years in Great Britain, but is subject to 100 year closure.

1841 ~ Although useful to locate families, it does not give place of birth only if each person was born in that County or not.

1851 ~ The first comprehensive census giving Family members, occupation, and place of birth. Once again this information was often entered by the Census Enumerator from spoken word, and can be subject to errors.
Many Family History Societies and Private enterprise have released the 1851 census on CD rom.

The LDS 1851 Tri-County CD covers Warwickshire, Devon and Norfolk with a search facility
Glamorgan Family History Society 1851 CD from this LINK
Gordon Beavington 1851 CD Gloucestershire 
Gordon Beavington 1851 CD Somerset 
1851 10% sample can be downloaded from the internet
Broderbung 1851 census CD
Breconshire 1851 census CD available at this LINK
Gloucestershire FHS 1851 census available at this LINK 
Montgomeryshire 1861 census (booklet) from this LINK 
Breconshire 1861 census (booklet) from this LINK

The 1861 and 1871 census can be accessed in most Record Offices and Major Libraries.

1881 ~ Released as a set of CD's by the LDS.
1891 ~ Available in most Record Offices and Major Libraries.
1901 ~ Due for release on the Internet from 2nd January 2002.

Parish Registers

Parish Registers of Baptism, Marriage and Burial are held by the County Record Office for the area in which you are searching. Many copies have been filmed by the LDS and are available at Family Research Centres. 

In addition to these sources, many Family History Societies have produced copies of Parish Registers available on fiche or in booklet form.

Many Parish Registers are available for searching by kind offer of people who have joined the "Look Up Exchange" where you can request a look up for an area of your research. 

Additional information can be gained from FREEREG for which new additions are made daily.

Cemeteries and Memorial Inscriptions

National Burial Index available from The Federation of Family History Societies

Workhouse Records

Board of Guardians Minutes
Records the meetings of the Boards of Guardians, and sub-committee meetings. Usually hold little information regarding individuals, but record the activities and alterations to buildings, Staff appointments and Rules and Regulations for the Workhouse.
Later years may provide printed lists of paupers.

Admission and Discharge Registers
Usually completed by the Workhouse Master and included details of the Admission and Discharge of all paupers, including Name, Date, Occupation, Age, Address where they originally lived, Religion, The reason for application of poor-relief.

Birth Registers
Usually completed by the Workhouse Master, and included the name of the infant, date of birth, gender, names of parents (if known), and if baptised.

Workhouse Baptism Registers
List of Baptisms at the Workhouse, by the Chaplain. Some Baptism registers have been filmed by the LDS and are available through the Family History Centres.

Death Registers
Usually completed by the Workhouse Master and included name, age, from which parish the pauper originated and where buried.

Creed Registers
Commenced approx 1876 and included name, date of birth, when admitted to the workhouse, reason for admission, religion of the pauper, and finally date of leaving workhouse or date of death.

Lunatic Records
Lists of Lunatics detained in the Workhouse with reference to detention certificates, and any uses of restraint. Includes records of any Deaths of Lunatics within the workhouse, and subsequent post mortem.

Porters Register
These can vary tremendously, but can include all admissions and discharges to the workhouse and lists of visitors.

Application for Relief
Completed by the Relieving Officer and includes name of the pauper, address, age, marital status, any children and details of the need for relief ie abandoned, widowed, illness, chronic disability. These records can be quite comprehensive.

Punishment Book
Usually completed by Workhouse Master and includes name of pauper with details and date of "offence" stating type and length of punishment by Master or Board of Guardians. If available this gives an insight into the lives of many ancestors whilst in the workhouse.


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