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Workhouse Records 

Board of Guardians Minutes
Records the meetings of the Boards of Guardians, and sub-committee meetings. Usually hold little information regarding individuals, but record the activities and alterations to buildings, Staff appointments and Rules and Regulations for the Workhouse.
Later years may provide printed lists of paupers.

Admission and Discharge Registers
Usually completed by the Workhouse Master and included details of the Admission and Discharge of all paupers, including Name, Date, Occupation, Age, Address where they originally lived, Religion, The reason for application of poor-relief.

Birth Registers
Usually completed by the Workhouse Master, and included the name of the infant, date of birth, gender, names of parents (if known), and if baptised.

Workhouse Baptism Registers
List of Baptisms at the Workhouse, by the Chaplain. Some Baptism registers have been filmed by the LDS and are available through the Family History Centres.

Death Registers
Usually completed by the Workhouse Master and included name, age, from which parish the pauper originated and where buried.

Creed Registers
Commenced approx 1876 and included name, date of birth, when admitted to the workhouse, reason for admission, religion of the pauper, and finally date of leaving workhouse or date of death.

Lunatic Records
Lists of Lunatics detained in the Workhouse with reference to detention certificates, and any uses of restraint. Includes records of any Deaths of Lunatics within the workhouse, and subsequent post mortem.

Porters Register
These can vary tremendously, but can include all admissions and discharges to the workhouse and lists of visitors.

Application for Relief
Completed by the Relieving Officer and includes name of the pauper, address, age, marital status, any children and details of the need for relief ie abandoned, widowed, illness, chronic disability. These records can be quite comprehensive.

Punishment Book
Usually completed by Workhouse Master and includes name of pauper with details and date of "offence" stating type and length of punishment by Master or Board of Guardians. If available this gives an insight into the lives of many ancestors whilst in the workhouse.

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