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List of Orphanages in Liverpool 1895

Barnardo's (Dr) Home (receiving house for)
142A Islington.
Daniel Gregory Cole, Master.
Mrs S. A. Cole, Matron.

Boys home and night refuge,
9 Great George Square and 34 Upper Pitt Street,
Frank Uzzell, Superintendent.

Boys Refuge Convalescent Home,
Oak Hill House, 1 Broad Green Road,
William Higham, Superintendent.

Canon Lester Boys Home,
126, Northumberland Terrace, Everton,
Mrs Lucy McCaskill, Matron.

Catholic Childrens Protection Society,
99, Shaw Street, Everton.

Catholic Orphanage for Girls,
65, Falkner Street,
conducted by the Sisters of Notre Dame.

"Clio" Boys Home,
18, Hardy Street,
Edwin Yeo, Manager.

Cottage Home for Children,
13 Victoria Road, Great Crosby,
Mrs Clara Cavert, Matron.

Day Nurseries (childrens aid society)
46 Juvenal Street,
Mrs Margaret Lee, Matron.

Eliza Jackson Home,
North Hill Street, Toxteth Park.

Everton Home for Destitute Children,
24 Village Street, Everton,
Mrs Elizabeth Thompson, Superintendent.

Girls Rescue Home,
14, St Domingo grove, Everton,
Miss Roberts, Matron.

Home for destitute children,
19 & 21 Woodhouse Street, Kirkdale,
Miss Mary Hornby, Superintendent.

Home for destitute girls,
29, Pilgrim Street,
Miss Phillips, Matron.

Home for destitute young men and boys,
101 Shaw Street, Everton,
Rev. J. A. Lee, Superintendent.

Home for girls,
133, St Domingo vale, Everton,
Mrs Cumner, Matron.

Home for Incurables,
96, Upper Parliament Street,
Miss Ellen Sedgwick, Lady Superintendent.

Home for Orphans and destitutue children,
9 Linacre Road, Litherland,
Miss Mary Agnes Riley, Matron.

Infant orphan asylum,
Melville Place,
Miss Colling, Matron.

Liverpool Asylum for Orphan Boys,
Myrtle Street,
Miss F. A. Finch, Matron.

Liverpool Female Orphan Asylum,
Myrtle Street,
Miss Louisa Cooper, Matron.

Liverpool Rescue Society House of Help,
68, Falkner Street,
Mrs B. Chanter, Matron.

Liverpool Wesleyan Mission Girls Home,
26, Falkner Street,
Mrs Eva Johnson, Matron.

Magdalen Institution,
8, Mount Vernon Green,
Miss Eliza McGhee, Matron.

Nash Grove Home and Ragged School (boys and girls)
6, Prince Edwin St, Everton,
Robert Jones, Master.
Mrs Catherine Jones, Matron.

New's Boys Home,
Everton Road,
Mrs Elizabeth Johanson, Matron.

Orphans Home (boys) Kirkdale Industrial School,
43, Smith Street, Kirkdale.
Mrs Elizabeth Williams, Matron.

St Elizabeths Institute for the training of destitutue children for domestic service,
64, Breckfield Road, South Everton,
conducted by the Sisters of Charity,
Sister Mary Austin, Superioress.

St Josephs Home for servant girls,
17 & 19 Everton brow, Everton,
Sister Francis, Superioress.

St Margarets Home and Orphanage and School for girls,
Upper Parliament Street,
(worked by the) Sisterhood of All Saints, Margaret St. London.

St Marys Industrial Girls Home,
35 & 37 Sandheys Rd and 31 & 35 Walton Rd,
Miss Florence L. Osborne, Matron.

St Saviours Refuge (Catholic)
Limekiln Lane,
managed by the Sisterhood.

St Vincent de Paul's house for boys,
105 Shaw Street,
Barry Garrett, Superintendent.

St Vincent's Refuge for girls (Sisters of Charity)
26A Bute Street, Everton.

Sheltering Home for Orphan, Fatherless and destitute children,
Myrtle Street,
Mrs Birt superintendent.

Sisters of the Bon-Secours (nurses of the sick poor)
69, Oxford Street,
Sister Melania, Superioress.

Stanley Boys Home,
14 Soho Street,
William Cooper Superintendent.

Training Home for Girls,
18, Belvidere Road,
Mrs Emilinda Turvey, Matron.

Training Home for Girls, Pilch Lane,
Knotty Ash,
Miss Foster Superintendent.

Vale House Orphanage, (for girls; contains 53 beds)
135 St Domingo Vale, Everton,
Mrs Isabella Hodge, Matron.

West Derby Orphanage, (girls)
2 Town Row, West Derby,
Mrs Sherring, Matron.

White Rock Home for Orphan and Friendless Children,
Acre House, Everton, Brow,
Mrs T. M. Morris, proprietress.

Sheltering Home

The sheltering Home for Destitute children, Myrtle Street, established in 1872, was first carried on in Byrom Street, but in 1889 entirely new buildings were erected in Myrtle Street; these are of brick and comprise on the ground floor a spacious entrance hall, superintendents office, childrens mess rooms, kitchen, school room and lavatories, and on the floors above are dormitories and officers quarters: Attached are two playgrounds:

The object of the home is to afford to boys and girls who have lost father, mother or both parents, elementary education, scriptural instruction and a short industrial training, and then to provide homes or situations for them in Canada; Girls are admitted between the ages of 4 and 16, and boys between 10 and 16, upon the approval of the superintendent, without votes or other interest, and the home is entirely undenominational;

Any person wishing to introduce a child can either send it to be seen or write to the secretary;
Cases are investigated every day (except Sunday) between 11 and 4 o'clock; 

This institution is wholly supported by voluntary contributions; the cost of training, out fitting and emigrating a child is 10, and as the home is established for Liverpool children, it is necessary, when a child is received from other parts of the country, that the sum of 10 to cover the expenses shall be provided by the persons interested in the case; already nearly 3,500 children have been emigrated after a very careful training in the home, and 95 per cent are found to have done well;

Stephen Williamson esq., M.P. Chairman
John J. Keller, 18 & 19, Mellor's buildings, hon. treasurer.
Mrs Louisa Birt, secretary and superintendent.
Kelly's Directory 1895.

The Children's Hospital is now the site of the new Arts Centre!

Record Offices

Greater Manchester Record Office
56, Marshall Street
M4 5FU

Lancashire Record Office
Bow Lane
Tel: 01772 54868 

Ormskirk Library Headquarter
143, Corporation Street

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