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This letter from an old boy, addressed to Miss Butt, the energetic and capable overseer of our daily, etc., at Edgworth, and niece of Mr. Mager, speaks for itself. The writers powers alike of shrewd observation and dry sententious expression are of no common order - R. B. S.

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Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.
Dear Miss Florrie, -When i left England i promised to write to you and let you know of my success or failure, whichever came. so far as i can remember i have never fulfilled that promise. why, i cannot tell. It cannot be forgetfulness, for i think of the old days with a great measure of joy, and with them link in question, what might have been ? I see the hand of god as He leads me day by day over life's rugged path. When i look around me and see the great number of our boys, most of whom are living highly respectable lives, it answers the question ? Of course, we cannot all be great men, but is it not a honest, upright man a great man ? We have many examples of steady, sober industry around us many cases, i think, could be improved, but all are not blessed with any too much ambition, or, if so, they lack determination. Others, again, are making a more creditable showing. Harry Weston and Tom Blackburn are both making good names and good positions for themselves while Tom    Slattery, through influence brought to bear by Mr. John Knox (an old Home boy) and his own sterling worth, has secured a good position in the offices of the Dominion Express Company at Calgary, Alberta; while our best example perhaps is Fred Bagshaw, who in the course of a few years will be one of the best men of our town. At present he has undertaken the management of a very good book store, one which would do credit to towns of greater prosperity in England. Just how he is situated I am not prepared to say, but that he will lift the business to a higher plane is not doubted by any. Fred is perhaps one of our brightest stars. He and I often meet, and bring to each other memories of things that happened long ago, mischievous, comic, and serious ;all are relished by us, and it is quite a common occurrence to hear him singing the old songs, which the Edgworth Choir used to sing, and which perhaps never were heard here before. Myself - there is nothing very interesting about me. I am at present attending school, studying to obtain a third class certificate, which will enable me to teach in the public Schools of this province. This is my second year at school, and i am in a fair way to reach the goal. It only remains for me to stick to my books, and all will be well. If i only do my part well, i am assured of Gods blessing. Accompanying this is a photo of myself, which I have no doubt you will appreciate, since there must be in your heart some recollections of the boy. I hope for an answer to this.
I remain,
very sincerely yours,
________ _________      

Extract submitted from Highways and Hedges The Childrens Advocate January 1902 p.29, by ALECHOST at who provides this edition on CD rom.


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