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(Dr. Barnardo's Homes).


"Christian, Protestant and Evangelical" is the religious motto of the Association. In its support the members of all Evangelical denominations may, and do, join hands.

Last year 7,677 Children (the Greatest Family in the whole world) were maintained in the Homes.

Applications for urgent cases are received at any hour of the day or night.

Destitute children of any age or creed, of either sex and of any nationality are eligible.

Deaf or Dumb, Blind or Crippled Children, or those Diseased and already Given Over to Death, are, if destitute, always eligible.

The most searching inquiry is made into every application, but No Really Destitute Boy or Girl is ever rejected. Each case is determined solely upon its merits, without election and without the intervention of wealthy patrons.

The Homes have in the 35 years of their existence admitted 44,397 Waifs and Strays, without any distinction as to age, sex, creed or birthplace. In 1900 alone they admitted 2,879 Fresh Cases. From 50 to 60 Fresh Cases are admitted weekly.

2,362 Young Children are now boarded out in rural districts, through the agency of the Homes, under careful supervision.

Technical training in some one of the fourteen handicrafts carried on in the Homes is given to every Lad capable of receiving it.

All the Girls are brought up in Cottages on the family system, and carefully instructed in the various branches of Domestic Service, or in Dressmaking.

12,604 Trained and Tested Emigrants have already been placed out in the Colonies. Of these 98 per cent. have been successful.

Three Lodging Houses and a Night Refuge, open in the Metropolis, are always accessible, day and night, to homeless Waifs and Strays seeking temporary shelter.

Eleven Branches under the common title of "An Ever-Open Door" are also ready for the reception of Destitute Children at any hour of the day or night, in as many Provincial Towns and Cities, viz: - Bath, Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, Plymouth, Newcastle and Portsmouth. The address of the "Ever-Open Door" in Liverpool is 142a ISLINGTON

The Liverpool "Ever-Open Door" was opened in 1892, and it has in these nine years investigated 3,388 cases, of which 1,205 Lancashire Waifs and Strays were admitted to the Homes for testing or training, and thus permanently removed from destitution, degradation and unattached lives upon the streets of Liverpool and other Lancashire cities and towns.

In all, this Association now includes 91 separate Homes, dealing with every age and class of destitute and needy childhood, and 15 Mission Branches.


Donations and Subscriptions gratefully received by the Treasurer, WILLIAM FOWLER, by the Chairman of Council, HOWARD WILLIAMS, Esq., by the Founder and Director, DR. THOS. J. BARNARDO; or by The Bankers, LONDON AND SOUTH WESTERN BANK, and Messrs. PRESCOTT, DIMSDALE & CO.

GEORGE CODE - Honorary Secretary 
Head Offices:- 18 - 26, Stepney Causeway, London, E.

This is an advertisement that appeared in the 1902 Kelly's/Gores Street Directory of Liverpool. 
Submitted by Barbara Humphries.

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