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Wesleyan Methodist National Children's Homes

Founded in 1869 by Rev. Thomas Bowman Stephenson.

Bonner Road Children's Home, Bethnal Green.
Moorland Farm, Edgeworth, Lancashire.
Princess Alice Orphanage, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire.
Milton Branch, Gravesend, Kent
Seaside Branch, Ramsay, Isle of Man

Receiving Homes in Hamilton, Ontario commenced 1872.

Miss Gibson had been running a Children's Home in Ramsay, Isle of Man known as The Suzanna Gibson Refuge for Destitute Children. In 1880, at her request, the Home became affiliated to Rev. Stephenson. This became the fiftieth branch of NCH. Soon after this the Home moved to Ballacloan.

Rev. Stephenson realised that he needed to provide training for the people caring for the Children, and set up The Sisters of the Children.

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