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Muller Orphanages

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Orphan Houses at Ashley Down

Mr George Muller has just published his report relative to this institution for the past year, and the following are a few of the interesting facts which he gives :-
The amount which he received for the support of the orphans between May 1767 and April 1868 was 15,878-11s-6.5d, for the building fund he received 6,633-18s-5.5d; his receipts in aid of the school, Bible, missionary and tract fund were 7,825-8s-10.5d.The average maintenance, including every expense, is 12-10s-0d each child.

The Builder 1868 Vol XXVI 19th September 1868 p.703
Submitted by Alan Longbottom

Muller's Orphanages on Ashley Down : Bristol

This perilous establishment still prospers in a wonderful way, which Mr. Muller, as usual ascribes to - faith and prayer. There are now five buildings erected, each one larger than the largest factory or warehouse in Leeds, - and costing in all more than 110,000. They are of plain architecture and will accommodate more than 2,000 children.

The total sum that has been entrusted to Mr. Muller since the 5th of March 1834, is over 430,000. In his - Brief Narrative of Facts, just issued, he says :-
The almost universal complaint of religious institutions and societies is the want of funds; but as to ourselves, we state joyfully, to the praise of the Lord, that through Him, our patron, we not only have had enough, but have abounded, though the expenses of the last three years amounted altogether to 113,522. With regard to pecuniary supplies, I have, simply in answer to prayer, and without application to any one, obtained for this work, 430,000.

With this money nearly 17,000 children from all parts of England, Scotland and Ireland have been taught in the various schools; and 95,000 copies of the Bible and New Testament, and about 30,000 smaller portions of the Holy Scriptures, in various languages, have been circulated as have also 33,000,000 of tracts.

See DNB. Supplement Vol III p. 208 
He was George Muller b. 1805 at Kroppenstadt and died Bristol 1898 He settled in Bristol c. 1832 and in the course of his life he is said to have educated and sent out into the world no fewer than 123,000 pupils. He supported 189 missionaries and employed 112 assistants. At the age of 70 he embarked on a world wide mission, which covered a period of 17 years.

The Builder 1869 Vol XXVII 21st August 1869 p.674
Submitted by Alan Longbottom.

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