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Reformatory and Industrial Schools  Inspectors Reports 1866

Report of the Directors of Convict Prisons for the Year 1865 3732 pp 001-280

Fulham Refuge - Superintendent's Report pp 272-280
Superintendent was Susan Seale
Chaplain was James Innes
Medical Officer was Henry Pawle Ree.

Numbers of Prisoners 1st January 1865
Number of Convicts in Fulham Refuge 154
Received during the year from Brixton Prison 70
Received during the year from Parkhurst Prison 32
Total 256

Total Discharged in the year 123
Removed to Millbank for Misconduct 17
Removed to Brixton for ill-health 3
Died 1
Sub-Total 21
Number remaining at 31st December 1865 112

Number received in the year 102
Number disposed of 144

Report on the Discipline and Management of Military Prisons 1865 3734 pp 281-304

9th Report of the Inspector appointed under the provisions of the Act 5/6 Will. 4 c. 36 to Visit the Certified Reformatory and Industrial Schools of Great Britain 3686 pp 305-464 (001-158)

General Report pp 003-016
Total Number of Reformatory Schools lessened by one in the year as the Sunderland Boys Reformatory and Ragged School exchanged its Certificate as a Reformatory for one as an Industrial School.
The number now being a total of 65 - 51 England 14 Scotland

Total Number of Industrial Schools on 31st December 1865 was 50 being 30 in England and 19 in Scotland.
The managers of the Huddersfield Ragged and Industrial School resigned their certificate on finding that the reception of children committed by magistrates was inconsistent with the provisions of the trust deed on which the premises were given to them.

The Stockport Ragged and Industrial School has, however, been lately certified, and a similar school at Macclesfield will shortly be so; and another school for girls is soon to be added at Birmingham.

Appendix No I pp 017-024
1 - List of Certified Reformatory Schools with name of Manager etc

2 - List of Certified Industrial Schools with name of manager etc

Appendix No II pp 025-089
1 - Detailed Report on Certified Reformatory Schools for 1865

2 - Detailed Report on Certified Industrial Schools for 1865

Appendix No III pp 090-099
Return of Numbers of Inmates and Admissions and Discharges 1865
1 - Certified Reformatory Schools

2 - Certified Industrial Schools

Appendix No IV pp 100-110
Particulars relating to Admissions and Discharges for 1865
1 - Certified Reformatory Schools

2 - Certified Industrial Schools

Appendix No V pp 111-121
General Return of Admissions and Discharges up to Dec 31 1865
1 - Certified Reformatory Schools

2 - Certified Industrial Schools

Appendix No VI pp 122-131
Return of Discharges for the Years 1862, 1863, 1864, showing the Number Doing Well, and Convicted of Crime etc.
1 - Certified Reformatory Schools

2 - Certified Industrial Schools

Appendix No VII pp 132-135
a - Return of Counties whence the Juvenile Offenders admitted to Reformatory Schools from 1854 to 1865 have been committed, and of Commitments to Prison from each County.

b - Return showing the Number of Children committed to Reformatories from the Counties for the Years 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865.

c - Return showing Increase and Decrease of Commitments of Juvenile Offenders from Counties for the Year ending 29th Sept 1865, as compared with the year preceding.

Appendix No VIII pp 136-153
a - Return of Receipts and Expenditure showing Cost per Head, of Food and Clothing, Industrial Returns for Reformatory Schools
for the year 1865

b - Summary of the above.

Appendix No IX pp 154-155
Returns from Prisons of Young Offenders reconvicted after detention in a Reformatory School, for the year 1865, showing also the Reformatory Schools in which they were formerly detained.

Appendix No X pp 156-158
List of Places in which Parents are under Contribution, with the Amounts received for the Year 1865.

12th Annual Report of the Directors of Convict Prisons in Ireland for the year ending 31st December 1865 pp 465-544 3745

5th Report of the Inspector appointed to visit the Reformatory Schools of Ireland 3691 pp 545-577

Appendix II 567
List of Reformatory Schools, showing locality,
Date of Certificate, Name of Corresponding Manager, and the Amount of Accommodation.

From Parliamentary Papers 1866 Vol XXXVIII
Submitted by Alan Longbottom

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