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1 - List of Certified Reformatory Schools with name of Manager
Appendix No I pp 017-024
Bedford Reformatory for Boys, Carlton, Bedford 9th April 1857 Lt Col W B Higgins, Picts Hill, Bedford
Bradwall Reformatory for Boys Sandbach 27th December 1855 G W Latham, Esq Bradwall Hall.
Cumberland Reformatory for Boys, Stanwix nr Carlisle 1st May 1855 G H Head, Esq, Stanwix.
Devon & Exeter Reformatory Farm School for Boys
Brampford Wood, Exeter.
17th April 1855 Hon. Sec. Dyer Knott, Esq, The Castle Exeter
Devon & Exeter Reformatory and Refuge for Girls, Exeter. 26th June 1858 Hon. Sec. W Townsend, Esq., Friar's Walk, Exeter.
Dorset Reformatory for Boys Milborne nr Blandford 28th January 1857 J C Mansel, Esq., Longthorns, Blandford
Sunderland Reformatory for Girls Tatham St. Sunderland 22nd June 1860 Hon. Sec. Charles Wilson, Esq., John St. Sunderland
Essex Reformatory for Boys Harlow 3rd December 1856 J W Perry Watlington, Esq., Moor Hall Harlow.
"Cornwall" Thames Reformatory School Ship for Boys off Purfleet. 2nd May 1859 Supt, Capt. Augustus Burton, R.N. Purfleet.
Glamorgan Reformatory for Boys, Howdref Genol, Neath 7th December 1858 Sec. Mr David J Rhys of Neath.
Hardwick Reformatory for Boys Gloucester 4th October 1854 T B L Baker,Esq., Hardwicke Court, Gloucester
Kingswood Reformatory for Boys near Bristol 4th October 1854 Treasurer William Sommercille esq, Bitton, Bristol.
Arno's Court (Catholic) Reformatory for Girls nr Bristol 20th November 1855  Miss Walker, Superior of the Convent. 
Red Lodge Reformatory for Girls Bristol 9th December 1854 Miss Carpenter, Red Lodge House, Bristol.
Hampshire Reformatory for Boys, Eling Southampton 29th November 1855 Hon. Sec. Chas Castleman, Esq., Glasshayes,Lyndhurst.
Herts Reformatory for Boys, Bengeo Herts 10th November 1857 Hon. Sec. Rev. Deedes, Bengeo Vicarage Hertford.
"Akbar" Hulk Reformatory School Frigate for Boys, Liverpool  3rd January 1856 Hon. Sec. T K Twist, Esq., Liverpool Juvenile
Reformatory Association, 30 Castle Street, Liverpool.
Liverpool Reformatory Farm School for Boys, Newton near Warrington.  6th April 1859 Hon. Sec. T K Twist, Esq., Liverpool Juvenile
Reformatory Association, 30 Castle Street, Liverpool.
Liverpool Reformatory for Girls Mount Vernon Green L/Pool 12th June 1857 Hon. Sec. T K Twist, Esq., Liverpool Juvenile
Reformatory Association, 30 Castle Street, Liverpool.
"Clarence" Catholic Reformatory School Ship for Boys off New Ferry, Liverpool. 3rd August 1864 Treasurer C J Corbally, Esq., Liverpool.
North Lancashire Reformatory for Boys Bleasdale, Garstang. 2nd September 1857 W J Garnett, Esq., Quernmore Park, Lancaster. 
Manchester & Salford Reformatory for Boys, Blackley Mchr 16th October 1857 Hon. Sec. Herbert Philips, Esq., 35 Church St. 
Toxteth Park Girl's Reformatory, 3 Park Hill Rd. Liverpool 19th March 1856 Hon. Sec. Mrs H P Horner, 5 Devonshire Rd, Princes Park, Liverpool.
Agricultural Colony of Mount St. Bernard's for Catholic Boys, Whitwick, Leicester. 13th May 1856 William Harper, Esq., Broad Street Bury Lancashire
Home in the East Reformatory for Boys Old Ford, Bow. 29th November 1855 Hon. Sec. Thomas Scrutton, jun. Esq., Corbet
Court, Gracechurch Street.
Catholic Reformatory for Boys Brook Green, Hammersmith 10th October 1855 Treasurer, F T New Esq., 31 Argyll Road, Kensington.
Hampstead Reformatory for Girls 9 Church Row, Hampstead 29th December 1860 Sec. David Alison, Esq., 3 Elm Row, Hampstead.
Monmouthshire Reformatory for Boys Little Mill nr Newport 7th February 1859 Hon. Sec. Rev. C S Baker of Usk.
Buxton Reformatory for Boys Norwich. 7th July 1855 John Wright, Esq., Buxton nr Norwich.
Northampton Society's Reformatory School for Boys 
Tiffield near Towcester.
21st January 1856 Rev. H J Barton, Wicken Rectory, Stony Stratford
North Eastern Reformatory for Boys Netherton nr Morpeth. 3rd June 1857 Secretary D D Main Esq., Eldon Place Newcastle.
Suffolk Reformatory School for Boys, Thorndon Eye  23rd March 1856 Sir E C Kerrison Bt.M.P. Brome Hall, Scole
Industrial Home for Girls Ipswich. 18th June 1858 S B Chapman Esq., Tower Lodge Ipswich.
Philanthropic Society's Farm School for Boys, Redhill 2nd September 1856 Manager Treasurer William Gladstone Esq.
Resident Chaplain Rev Charles Walters.
The Boy's Home Reformatory for Boys Bridge House, Wandsworth. 18th October 1858 Superintendent Mr John Leyland
Surrey Girl's Reformatory 6 Upper Belmont Place, 
Wandsworth Road.
4th February 1862 Hon. Sec. R Onslow, Esq., Wandsworth Common.
Saltley Reformatory for Boys Smallheath Birmingham 20th August 1854 Treasurer Charles Ratcliff, Esq., Wyddrington,
Edgbaston, Birmingham.
Warwickshire Reformatory for Boys Weston, Leamington. 20th November 1856 Secretary, G C Lake, Esq, Bank, Leamington.
Allesley Farm Reformatory for Girls near Coventry 27th June 1856 Hon. Sec. Rev. Edmund Roy, of Kenilworth.
Birmingham Girl's Reformatory, Smethwick, Birmingham. 20th December 1854 Treasurer Sampson Hanbury Esq., Smethwick.
Wilts, Reformatory for Boys Warminster 23rd December 1856 Rev. R R Hutton, Christ Church Warminster
Limpley Stoke, Girl's Reformatory near Bath. 9th January 1861 Hon. Sec. R O Heywood, Esq., 15 Green Park Bath.
Woodbury Hill Reformatory for Boys Shelsey, Worcester 9th June 1856 Rev. D Melville, Great Witley, Stourport.
Stoke Farm Reformatory for Boys Bromsgrove 9th December 1854 Charles Sturge Esq., Birmingham.
Calder Farm Reformatory for Boys Mirfield 15th December 1855 E B Wheatley Balme Esq., Mirfield, Normanton.
Castle Howard Reformatory for Boys Welburn Yorks 2nd May 1856 Rev Ishmael Fish, Welburn York, Superintendent. 
Leeds Reformatory for Boys Adel Leeds 2nd December 1857 Hon. Sec. Rev. E Jackson of Leeds. 
Yorkshire Catholic Reformatory for Boys near Market Weighton 23rd July 1856 Director, Rev. P Castellano 
Yorkshire Catholic Girls Reformatory, Howard Hill, Sheffield 26th July 1861 Hon. Sec. R J Gainsford, Darnall Hall Sheffield 
Doncaster Girls Reformatory Doncatser 6th September 1861 Hon. Sec. C E Palmer, Esq., Baxtergate, Doncaster.
Old Mill Reformatory for Boys, Aberdeen 9th March 1857 Sec. C F Runcy, Esq.
Aberdeen Reformatory for Girls, Mount St. Aberdeen. March 1862 Sec. C F Runcy, Esq.
Dalry Reformatory for Girls, Edinburgh 23rd April 1858 Hon. Sec. Mrs Swan, 7 Hope Cresc. Edinburgh.
Wellington Farm Reformatory for Boys, Pennycuik 24th December 1859 Sec. C P Gibson, Esq., 20 St. Andrew Sq. Edin.
Rossie Reformatory for Boys, Montrose 4th May 1857 James Mudie Esq., Montrose.
Inverness Reformatory for Boys.  20th December 1858 Sec. James Simpson, Esq.
House of Refuge for Boys, Glasgow 15th November 1854 Superintendent Rev. A K McCallum.
House of Refuge for Girls, Glasgow. 15th November 1854 Treasurer J D Bryce, Esq., 67 W Regent Street.
Catholic Reformatory for Girls, Dalbeth, Glasgow 23rd June 1858 Superintendent Miss E Lawson
Catholic Reformatory for Boys, Parkhead, Glasgow. 9th August 1859 Director, Rev. A Robertson.
Kibble Reformatory for Boys, Paisley 2nd July 1859 Hon. Sec. J McInnes, Esq. Paisley.
Paisley Ragged School for Girls. 9th May 1856 W Philips, Esq., Paisley.
Stranraer Reformatory Schools for Boys & Girls 1st October 1859 Hon. Sec. M Jeffray, Esq. Stranraer.
9th Report of the Inspector appointed under the provisions of the Act 5/6 Will. 4 c. 36 to Visit the Certified Reformatory  and Industrial Schools of Great Britain 3686 pp 305-464 (001-158)
Submitted by Alan Longbottom


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