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Open Air Schools

The circumstances which led to the modern practice of educating delicate children under open-air conditions are of interest.

Early in the 20th century the Berlin Education Authority was arranging to transfer backward children to special "Backward Classes". The school doctor examined the children and observed that many of them were anaemic and debilitated. For these cases he strongly recommended open-air treatment, suitable surroundings, careful supervision, good feeding, and exercise. As a result the first open-air school was established in 1904 in the pine woods of Charlottenburg.

A few years later, six open-air schools for delicate children were opened in London and the provinces, and since that time a large number of authorities have provided similar schools. Originally, these schools were for day scholars only, but more recently some residential open-air schools have been opened, either to deal with more severe cases, or to cater for children in sparsely populated districts where the provision of day open-air schools would not be practicable.

Modern School Hygiene by Dr. R. Gamlin

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