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Luton Poor Law Union and Workhouse

The Board of Guardians met alternate Mondays at 11am at the Workhouse. The population of the Union in 1891 was 44,856, area 41,268 acres ad the rateable value in 1894 was 172,587.

The Workhouse was erected 1836 by John Williams, architect, on the Dunstable Road, at a cost of 4,500. A brick structure of 200 feet square it consisted of two storey accommodation forming a square with a central hub and three spokes. A single storey central building housed the dining room, wash-house, kitchen, school room and laundry. The Masters accommodation was situated in the central octagon, so that all four workhouse yards could be viewed. The Workhouse was built to accommodate 400 inmates.

Union Officers 1894
Clerk to the Guardians and Assessment Committee William Austin
Treasurer Benjamin Seabolm
Superintendent Registrar William Austin
Workhouse Master G. Brandom
Workhouse Matron Elizabeth Brandom
Chaplain Rev. James O'neill
Medical Officer M. Ryder Draper

Following the introduction of the National Health Service in 1948 it became St Mary's Hospital.

Records Available

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