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Woburn Poor Law Union and Workhouse

The Board of Guardians met alternate Fridays at the Board Room at 11am. The population in 1891 was 9,277, area 31,165 acres and rateable value in 1893 was 56,081. The Workhouse was erected in 1836 and could accommodate 240 inmates.

Union Officers 1894
Clerk to the Guardians and Assessment Committee William Henry Smith
Treasurer Francis Bassett
Relieving Officer for the Union Hy. Matthews
Superintendent Registrar William Henry Smith
Workhouse Master George Bragg
Workhouse Matron Mrs Sarah Bragg
Medical Officer Arthur Lucas


Workhouses, List of those visited in 1867 With Name of the Workhouse and numbers of  insane, idiotic, and imbecile inmates.
Woburn 3 6 9
Source: 22nd Report of the Commissioners in Lunacy to the Lord Chancellor. Submitted by Alan Longbottom.


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