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Faringdon Workhouse and Poor Law Union

The Board of Guardians Board Day was held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday in each month at 1.30pm at the Workhouse. The population of the entire Union in 1911 was 12,946, area 6,948 acres and rateable value in April 1919 was 107,441.

The Workhouse was erected approximately 1800 in Union Street and was built of stone. Further extensions were made and by 1920 it could accommodate 450 inmates.

Union Officers 1920
Chairman to the Board of Guardians James Alfred Ferraman
Clerk to the Guardians and Assessment Committee Alan G. Haines
Collector to the Guardians David L. Stevenson
Workhouse Matron Mrs Goswell
Chaplain Rev. Edward Thorpe
Medical Officer David Gerald Kenard


Faringdon Union Workhouse, Board day was Tuesday.  Chairman was T.L.Goodman;  Chaplain was Rev. Joseph Budd; Master was Mr.Robert Gorton ;   Matron was Mrs. Gorton, and the Clerk to the Board was Mr. George James Haines.
1861 Berkshire Gazetteer
Submitted by Betty Judge

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