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Wantage Poor Law Union and Workhouse

Wantage Union Workhouse, Red House Hill Wantage. Chaplain was Rev. Wm.John Butler;  Master was Mr. William Knight;  Matron was Mrs, Sophia Knight.
Source: 1861 Berkshire Gazetteer
Submitted by Betty Judge

Infirmary for Wantage, Berkshire
The guardians of the poor of the Wantage Union, having determined to follow the example of the Boards throughout the country who have provided improved 
accommodation for the sick poor, have matured a scheme for pulling down certain old buildings at the back of the workhouse, and erecting an entirely new 
infirmary on the site.
The new building will include ordinary and special sick-wards, and day rooms for both sexes, and lying-in ward. Lavatories, bathrooms, and other conveniences will be provided for all classes, and the building will contain most of the latest improvements of its kind.
More accommodation for the pauper poor has long been needed in this union, which consists of 34 parishes, and embraces a large district. The outlay will be about 2,000. Plans have been prepared by Mr. J.P. Spencer, architect, of Wantage, and the Poor Law Board having already approved them, tenders will be advertised forthwith.
Source: The Builder 1869 Vol XXVII 9th October 1869 p.803
Submitted by Alan Longbottom.

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