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Whittlesea Union Workhouse

The Board of Guardians meet every alternate Tuesday, at the Town Hall in Almshouse Street. The two parishes of Whittlesea form the Union. The population in 1911 was 7,587, area 26,199 acres and rateable value Lady Day 1912, 49,906.

Union Officers 1912
Chairman to the Board of Guardians John Hy. Saunders
Clerk to the Guardians and Assessment Committee John Peed M.A.
Treasurer Francis Maltby Bland
Collector of Poor Rates John Le Fevre
Relieving Officer John Joyce Middleton
Vaccination Officer John Le Fevre
Superintendent Registrar John Peed M.A.

The Workhouse, Eastrea Road, was erected in 1874 at a cost of 8,000 and will hold 200 inmates.

Workhouse Staff 1912
Workhouse Master George Rowley
Workhouse Matron Mrs Louisa Rowley
Medical Officer John Joseph Waddelow

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