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Great Broughton Union Workhouse (Tarvin Union)

The Great Boughton Union, situated on Boughton Heath, was erected in 1857-8 from designs by J. Harrison, architect, at an expense, including the site, of 3000. It is a large & commodious brick building in the form of a quadrangle, & has accommodation for 130 paupers. 

It was opened on 10 Oct 1858, & now has 101 inmates. There are 4 acres of land attached to the house, cultivated by the inmate, the first year's produce of which amounted to about 90. 

The district contains 83 parishes & townships: 
Hawarden District

Dodleston, Eaton, Eccleston, Hawarden, Kinnerton Higher, Kinnerton Lower, Marleston cum Lache, Poulton, Pulford, Saltney, Great Saughall, Little Saughall, Shotwick, Shotwick Park, Woodbank;

Tattenhall district
Aldford, aldersey, Broxton, Barton, Burton by Tarvin,  Buerton, Bruen Stapleford, Carden, Caldecott, Coddington, Churton by Farndon, Churton by Aldford, Churton Heath, Crewe, Clotton Hoofield, Chowley, Clutton, Duddon, Dukington, Edge, Edgerley, 
Farndon, Foulk Stapleford, Golborn David, Golborn Bellow,  Grafton, Handley, Horton by Malpas, Harthill, Hatton, Huxley,  Iddenshall, Kings Marsh, Lea Newbold, Newton, Saighton,  Stretton, Tarvin, Tilston, Tattenhall, Waverton  and Willington: 

Great Boughton district
Ashton, Boughton Great, Boughton cum Spital, Blacon cum Crabhall, Backford, Barrow, Bache, Blacon cum Crabhall,  Croughton, Chorlton by Backford, Capenhurst, Christleton,  Claverton, Cotton Abbots, Cotton Edmunds, Caughall, Dunham on the Hill, Elton, Guilden Sutton, Hockenhull, Hoole, Hapsford, 
Huntington, Horton cum Peel, Ince, Kelsall, Lea by Backford,
Littleton, Mouldsworth, Mollington Great, Mollington Little, Newton by Chester, Picton, Priors Hay, Rowton, Stanney Great, Stanney Little, Stanlow, Stoke, Tarvin, Thornton in the Moors, Trafford Mickle, Trafford Wimbolds, Trafford bridge, Upton by Chester, 
There are 83 elected guardians besides 10 ex-officio, who meet for business every other Saturday in the board room. 

Union Officers (White Directory)
Chairman to the Board of Guardians Rev. W. Ellwood
Clerk to the Guardians, and Superintendent Registrar Samuel Brittain esq.
Workhouse Master James Postlethwaite
Workhouse Matron Elizabeth Postlethwaite
House Surgeon John D. Weaver
Workhouse Schoolmaster Richard Arnott
Workhouse Chaplain Rev. J. Gaman
Relieving Officer Edward Briscoe and -- Maddock


Union Officers 1894
Clerk to the Guardians and Assessment Committee Edward Evans Lloyd
Relieving and Vaccination Officer for the Union, and Collector to the Guardians Roland Willis
Superintendent Registrar Edward Evans Lloyd
Workhouse Master Hugh Atkinson
Workhouse Matron Mrs Miriam Atkinson
Workhouse Chaplain Rev. William Rowley
Medical Officer William Charles Watson

White Directory Submitted by Betty Longbottom
Kelly's Directory 1894

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