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Wirrall Poor Law Union Workhouse

The Wirrall Poor Law Union was declared 23 April 1836.

POULTON cum SPITAL - White Directory - p 563
The Wirral Union House is a commodious building, erected at an expense of 2500. The district of the union comprises the whole of the parishes in the Wirral Hundred, & at the last census embraced an area of 112,110 acres, & a population of 57,157 souls, of whom 26,977 were males & 30,180 females. ... 

The Rev Mark Coxon is chairman to the Board of Guardians; 
James Gregory esq, clerk & supt. registrar; 
William & Jane Redding, master & matron; 
Rev Charles Jones, chaplain; 
Mr Robert E Gerst, surgeon; 
J Jones & M M'Nerney, relieving officers; 
William Sherlock, schoolmaster; 
June Kirby, schoolmistress; 
John Jones & Alexander Blaylock, registrars of births, deaths & marriages for Bebbington parish. 
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

The Wirrall Union, Infirmary & Hospital situated in Livingston Street, was opened in 1857, to accommodate 28 patients.

Thomas & Ellen Redding, governor & matron, & mr A W Marshall M.D., medical officer.
Source: BIRKENHEAD - White Directory - p 581
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

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