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Crediton Poor Law Union and Workhouse

Erected on Western Road, Crediton, Devonshire in 1837 from designs by Sampson Kempthorne, to accommodate 300 Inmates.

Crediton Union - White Directory

Comprises 29 parishes, an area of about 138 sq miles, & in 1841, 22,076 inhabitants. Their total average annual expenditure on the poor, during the 3 years preceding the formation of the Union in 1836, was 12,314. In 1838, their expenditure was 9955, & in 1849, 11,528. 

The Union Workhouse is at Crediton, & was built in 1837, at the cost of about 5000. It has room for 300, but has seldom more than 200 inmates. The Union is divided into 2 relieving, & 9 medical districts. The Rev W Wellington is the chaplain, & William Comyns Leach & Mrs Leach are master & matron of the Workhouse. Mr Thomas Pring is union clerk &  supt. registrar; W Wellacott & John Hookway are the relieving officers; & M/s J A Edwards, W H Hugo, William Deans, C Basely, J Body, J C Davy, W Luxton & W R Warren are the surveyors.

Source: White Directory 1850 p.267
Submitted by Betty Longbottom


Workhouses, List of those visited in 1867 With Name of the Workhouse and numbers of  insane, idiotic, and imbecile inmates.
Crediton 7 9 16
Source: 22nd Report of the Commissioners in Lunacy to the Lord Chancellor. Submitted by Alan Longbottom.

Records Available

1851 Census Crediton Union Workhouse 

1851 census Crediton Union Workhouse
HO/107/1887             Folio 63        Page 40

William Leach - Master of Workhouse
Grace Leach - Matron of Workhouse

List of inmates in Crediton Union Workhouse
in the Devon 1851 census.

Jane ANDREWS Inmate U 27 Washer Morchard Bishop
John ANDREWS Inmate U 2   Morchard Bishop
Jane TUCKER Inmate U 51 Weaver Zeal monochorum
Mary A. JEFFRY     11 Scholar Crediton
Robt. PRICE   M 55 Labourer Coleridge
Jna PRICE   U 20 Labourer Coleridge
Wm. PRICE     12 Scholar Zeal Monochorum
Michael PRICE     18 Labourer Zeal Monochorum
Saml. PRICE     6 Scholar Zeal Monochorum
Tryphena BAMSEY   W 34 Servant Zeal Monochorum
Thomas BAMSEY     10 Scholar Crediton
Emma BAMSEY     2   Zeal Monochorum
Ellen BAMSEY     2   Zeal Monochorum
Ann TOZER     12 Scholar Zeal Monochorum
Wm. TOZER     10 Scholar Broadwood Kelly
Mary MATTHEWS   U 23 Servant Crediton
Joan EVANS   U 50 Washer Woman Coleridge
Fanny TONKINS     10 Scholar Crediton
Ann STENTIFORD Inmate U 34 Servant Coleridge
Ellen STENTIFORD Inmate   6 Scholar Coleridge
Source: List of Inmates in Crediton Workhouse 1851
Submitted by Anthea Greenaway


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