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Tavistock Poor Law Union and Workhouse

The workhouse at Tavistock, dated 1837, the plan of it resembles Kempthorne's cruciform workhouse, but with the forward-facing arm truncated. In it's place is a courtyard to which access was gained through an imposing central archway. It is now flats but looks from the exterior almost the same. The entrance road is called Russell Court, no doubt the name of the flats, and the main road leading to it from the centre of Tavistock is called Drake Road.
Source: Submitted by  Margaret Green

Tavistock Union - White - 1850 - p 629

Comprises 24 parishes. Their total  annual average expenditure on the poor, during the 3 years preceding the formation of the Union, was 8547. The expenditure of the Union was 6394 in 1838, 8047 in 1840 & 10,083 in 1849. The Workhouse is a large building, erected in 1837, at the cost of 7000, & has room for 300 paupers. Mr John Palmer & Mrs Heath are master & matron. John Benson Esq is chairman of the Board of Guardians, & Mr John Physick is the union clerk & supt.registrar
Source: Submitted by Betty Longbottom

Records available from Devon Record Office

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