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Torrington Poor Law Union and Workhouse

Torrington Union Workhouse

Situated New Street, Torrington, Devonshire
1851 census - HO/107/1894             Folio 525     Page 36

Peter Luard - Governor of Torrington Union Workhouse
Maria Luard - Matron of Torrington Union Workhouse

Torrington Union - White Directory

Comprises 23 parishes. The total average annual expenditure on the poor is now about 9500, but before the parishes were united it was only about 7500. The Workhouse is a neat stone building, which was erected in 1837, at the cost of 4000, & has room for 250 inmates, but has seldom more than 180. Mr W G Glubb is union clerk & supt.registrar; Mr & Mrs Luard are master & matron of the workhouse; & the Rev G W T Carwithen is the chaplain.
Source: White Directory 1850 p.752
Submitted by Betty Longbottom  


Workhouses, List of those visited in 1867 With Name of the Workhouse and numbers of  insane, idiotic, and imbecile inmates.
Torrington 3 11 14
Source: 22nd Report of the Commissioners in Lunacy to the Lord Chancellor. Submitted by Alan Longbottom.

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