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Darlington Union

Darlington Union Workhouse was erected in 1868.

Darlington Union Workhouse - competition
On the 24th instant the Board of Guardians met, and decided the above competition. Mr William Lee, architect of London was called in to assist in the selection, and the designs bearing the motto - Nota Bene - were selected as the best. The 1st premium of 40 was awarded to these plans, and the author, Mr Charles J Adams of Stockton on Tees, was appointed to carry out the works which are to cost about 10,000.The 2nd premium of 30 was awarded to the designs under motto - Economist and the 3rd premium to motto (A) A in a circle.
Source: The Builder 1868 Vol XXVI p157. 29th February 1868
Submitted by Alan Longbottom


Darlington Workhouse - competition
Eighteen sets of designs, in all 116 drawings, were sent in for this workhouse, 
and the guardians, after consulting with an inependent architect from London, 
awarded, as we have already mentioned the 1st premium of 40 to Mr Adams of 
Stockton. The 2nd premium of 30 has been awarded to Mr. Styan of York; and the 
3rd of 20 to Mr.R.B.Dixon of Darlington. A correspondent asserts that to carry 
out the selected plan will entail a cost of about 14,000 instead of the 10,000 
The Builder 1868 Vol XXVI 14th March 1868 p.190
Submitted by Alan Longbottom


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