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Lanchester Workhouse and Poor Law Union

The Board of Guardians meet monthly on Thursdays at the Board room, at 1.30pm. The population of the Union in 1901 was 83,557, area 67,458 acres and the rateable value at Lady Day 1910 439,605.

The Union embraces the Townships of Benfieldside, Collierley and Pontop, Consett, Cornsay, Cornsay South, Craghead, Ebchester, Esh, Greencroft, Greencroft Within, Healeyfield, Hedleyhope, Iveston, Knitsley, Kyo, Lanchester, Langley, Medomsley, Muggleswick, Oxhill, Satley, South Moor, Stanley and Tanfield.

Workhouse Staff 1910
Robert John Waites Master
Rev. Richard Robert Fenning Chaplain
Rev. Samuel Harris Catholic Chaplain
John Wilson Surgeon
Mrs Waites Matron
Lee Hill Cottage Homes Staff 1910
W. W. Thompson Superintendent
Mrs Thompson Matron
John Wilson Medical Officer


Durham County Record Office
County Hall, 
Telephone: 0191 383 3253


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