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DUNMOW(Great & Little) Workhouses

Parish of Dunmow - The Church House  pp176-177

By Deed Poll under the hands and seals of Robert Kynwellmarsh and Thomas Cook, John Mylborne and John Pavyett, bearing date the 1st October 19 Elizabeth, re possession of the Church House. The above premises were conveyed to new trustees by a deed, bearing date 17th June 1622. The house stands in the churchyard, and has a garden attached to it. The lower floor is inhabited by three aged parishioners, placed there by the vicar and churchwardens; the upper floor is used as a national school-room for girls. The churchwardens pay a rent of 2-16s-0d to the parish clerk in respect of this house; this payment is partly explained by an entry in the old churchwarden's book, dated in the year 1598 "that the clerk was to have his free dwelling in the church house - durante bene placito.
Source: Further Report of the Commissioners for Inquiring Concerning Charities. Vol 29 out of 32 Volumes. 1834. County of Essex Reports 111-268
Submitted by Alan Longbottom

Parish of Hatfield Broad Oak - Poor's Cottages  pp194

The Poor and Highways.

No 8 There are also five cottages, situate in the town of Hatfield Broad Oak, comprised in the last conveyance to the trustees above mentioned, one of which is near the school-house, another near Sir John Barrington's almshouses, a third near the town-house, and called the Town Shops, the fourth in Musbrooke Street, and the fifth in Broad Street. They are inhabited by poor persons placed there by the parish officers. These cottages are repaired out of the charity income. The above Trust Deed was  dated 30th/31st Dec 1807. 

Of the income of the poor and highway estate, amounting to 43-6s-6d. 5 is paid to the general account of the surveyor of the highways, for the parish of Hatfield Broad Oak. A yearly sum of 2-16s-0d is expended in respect of Franck's charity in the purchase of twopenny loaves, 24 of which are given away at each weekly distribution to as many poor parishioners attending the parish church, and selected by the parish officers. The bread is given away on the first Sunday in the year after the morning service and on every succeeding Sunday till the money is expended. A sum of 8s is yearly paid to the Rev Henry Reid for preaching a sermon on the Sunday next after St. James's Day. The remainder of the poor's income, after deducting a quit-rent of 13s-6d., the incidental expenses of the trust, and repairs of the trust premises, is paid over to the churchwardens, and by them applied as follows. A sum of 8 is yearly paid over to the minister, who carries it to the account of the Hatfield Broad Oak National School, at which about 70 children are taught on the National system, and which is chiefly supported by voluntary contributions. The annuity of 4 received from Keers, is carried to the account of a voluntary subscription for supplying the poor with bread in the winter, under which each poor person of the parish receives a quartern or half quartern loaf according to the size of his family.

The residue is carried to the account of a clothing club, instituted for supplying the poor with clothing in the winter season, to which the poor themselves contribute small sums; and voluntary donations, and the charity income being added to their subscriptions, the whole is laid out in clothing, which is given away by tickets about New-Year's day. 

The accounts of the charities are regularly kept in a book provided for that purpose by the treasurer, and are audited every Easter Tuesday.
Source: Further Report of the Commissioners for Inquiring Concerning Charities. Vol 29 out of 32 Volumes. 1834. County of Essex Reports 111-268
Submitted by Alan Longbottom

Union Workhouse

The workhouse is large, & was built in 1839 at a cost of 8000. William Jeffries, master; Mrs Jane Jeffries, matron.
Source: Post Office Directory 1846 - p 61
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

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Workhouses, List of those visited in 1867 With Name of the Workhouse and numbers of  insane, idiotic, and imbecile inmates.
Dunmow 1 1 2
Source: 22nd Report of the Commissioners in Lunacy to the Lord Chancellor. Submitted by Alan Longbottom.


Essex Record Office
Wharf Road, 
CM12 6YT. 
Telephone (01245) 244644

1881 census of Dunmow Workhouse

Institution: "Union Workhouse" Great Dunmow
Census Place: Great Dunmow, Essex, England
Source: FHL Film 1341437 PRO Ref RG11 
Piece 1813 Folio 157 Page 1

Charles ROYDHOUSE,45, Master Of Workhouse And Chelsea Pensioner (Munic),St Georges Hanover Square, Middlesex, England

Emma ROYDHOUSE, 39,Newport, Essex, England. Matron Of Workhouse
Emma Jane ROYDHOUSE, 16, North America British. Apprentice To Dressmaking
Alice Elizabeth Sarah ROYDHOUSE, 10,North America British.Daughter Scholar
Eleanor Mary ROYDHOUSE, 8,Dover, Kent, England.Daughter,Scholar

Thomas WILLERS,40 Gt Waltham, Essex, England Workhouse Schoolmaster (Munic)
Eliza WILLERS,45 Kingscote, Gloucester, England.
William Thomas Eddes WILLERS,16 Dover, Kent, England. British School Teacher
Eliza Dorah Jane WILLERS,11 Dover, Kent, England 
Charles Edwin WILLERS,9 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England

John NEWMAN,36 White Notley, Essex, England. Workhouse Porter (Munic)
Elizabeth Buckingham NEWMAN,36 Halstead, Essex, England.Workhouse Laundress
John William NEWMAN,8 Halstead, Essex, England 
George James NEWMAN,5 Gt Dunman, Essex, England 
Emily Mary NEWMAN,4 Gt Dunman, Essex, England 
Joshua Edwin NEWMAN,3 Gt Dunman, Essex, England 
Harry Porter NEWMAN,6 m Gt Dunman, Essex, England

William JOYCE,52 Felstead, Essex, England. Workhouse Cook
Sarah JOYCE,52 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England 
Albert William JOYCE,12 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England 
Joanna CLARKE.34 London, Middlesex, England. Workhouse Schoolmistress
Lucy FULLER,34 Little Dunmow, Essex, England. Workhouse Nurse

William CLARKE,54,Thaxted, Essex, England. Pauper (Head)Carpenter
Alfred CLARKE,11 Hornchurch, Essex, England. Son,Scholar
Charles CLARKE,10 London, Middlesex, England Son Scholar

Emily CHOPPING,23 Stebbing, Essex, England. Pauper (Head)Domestic Servant
Annie CHOPPING,2 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England. Daughter

Robert JEALOUS,58 Gt Bardfield, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab
John HARVEY,77 Thaxted, Essex, England. Pauper Ag Lab
Charles SALMON,64 Stebbing, Essex, England. Pauper Ag Lab
George WRIGHT,57 Leadon Roothing, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab
Henry CATON,79 Thaxted, Essex, England. Pauper Agricultural Labourer 
John HOLGATE,65 Aythorp Roothing, Essex, England. Pauper Ag Labourer (No Occ)
Isaac LIVERMORE,63 Felstead, Essex, England.Pauper,Handicap: Lunatic 
William STANLEY,71 Takeley, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab
Thomas OTTLEY,72 Gt Bardfield, Essex, England.Pauper Thatcher (No Occ)
Isaac WHITE,62 Lt Bardfield, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab
Benjamin STOKES,88 Morrel Roothing, Essex, England.Pauper Thatcher (No Occ)
Samuel WHITE,63 Felstead, Essex, England.Pauper Carpenter
John STAR,21 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper None
James LANHAM,70 Good Easter, Essex, England.Pauper 
James HOLLAND,79 Gt Saling, Essex, England.Pauper 
Samuel COOTE,74 Thaxted, Essex, England.Pauper 
William PAVITTE,62 Aythorp Roothing, Essex, England.Pauper Cattle Driver (No Occ)
Henry JOYCE,61 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab
John TURNER,70 Finchingfield, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab (No Occ)
John KNIGHT,74 Broxted, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab (No Occ)
Peter GUNN,76 Broxted, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab(No Occ)
Thomas LITCHFIELD,78 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper (No Occ)
Samuel LIVERMORE,69 Felstead, Essex, England. Pauper (No Occ)
Ephraim TISLEY,65 Hatfield B O, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab(No Occ)
John GUNN,70 Gt Easton, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab (No Occ)
John CHRISTY,74 Takeley, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab (No Occ)
Joseph FULLER,63 Felstead, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab (No Occ)
John BOLDER,77 Broxted, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab (No Occ)
Thomas WOOLMER,88 Gt Canfield, Essex, England.Pauper (No Occ)
George ABBOTT,81 Thaxted, Essex, England.Pauper Miller (No Occ)
William CHILDS,71 Ingatestone, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab (No Occ)
George HAWKES,65 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab (No Occ)
William WICKS,59 Lindsell, Essex, England. Pauper (Head) 
Walter WICKS,11 Lindsell, Essex, England.Son Scholar
Julia WICKS,10 Lindsell, Essex, England.Daughter Scholar
Benjamin BEARD,66 Barnston, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab (No Occ)
Robert CLAYDON,81 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab (No Occ)
John HINSON,42 Takeley, Essex, England. Pauper Handicap: Blind 
John Uriah HILLS,55 Thaxted, Essex, England.Pauper Bricklayers Labourer
Benjamin ALLERTON,58 Lindsell, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab
Walter PAINE,24 Gt Bardfield, Essex, England.Pauper 
George FRENCH,53 White Roothing, Essex, England.Pauper Dealer In Pigs Horses Etc
Abraham COWELL,38 Thaxted, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Lab
James FELSTEAD,59 Takeley, Essex, England.Pauper 
Thomas BREWER,33 Gt Leighs, Essex, England.Pauper Handicap: Lunatic
Henry JIGGINS,50 Felstead, Essex, England.Pauper Tailor
George ROGERS,43 Hatfield B O, Essex, England.Pauper 
William BIRD,67 Hatfield B O, Essex, England.Pauper 
William CHANDLER,42 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper 
Ezra CHILDS,37 Gt Waltham, Essex, England.Pauper 
Harriet CHIPPERFIELD,80 Little Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper 
Adelaide BRIDGEMAN,48 Whitlesford, Cambridge, England.Pauper (Head) 
Leila BRIDGEMAN Tilty, Essex, England.Daughter Scholar
Ellen BRIDGEMAN,11 Tilty, Essex, England.Daughter Scholar
Kate BRIDGEMAN,9 Chicknay, Essex, England.Daughter Scholar
Sarah JOHNSON,34 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper
Sarah BYATS,77 Chichester, Sussex, England.Pauper 
Eleanor CHILTON ,58 Hatfield B O, Essex, England.Pauper Handicap: Lunatic
Jane BOLDEN,75 Little Canfield, Essex, England.Pauper 
Elizabeth HINSON,82 Hatfield B O, Essex, England.Pauper 
Mary BARKER,67 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper 
Elizabeth DODD,67 Springfield, Essex, England.Pauper 
Elizabeth GROVES,82 Aythorp Roothing, Essex, England.Pauper 
Sarah LODGE,75 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper 
Mary GIBSON,81 Goldhangar, Essex, England.Pauper 
Emily LODGE,44 High Easter, Essex, England.Pauper 
Caroline LITCHFIELD,75 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper Handicap: Lunatic
Eliza WHITE,49 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper Handicap: Blind
Martha BARTROP,58 Hatfield B O, Essex, England.Pauper,Handicap: Lunatic
Elizabeth FARROW,57 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper 
Sophia SAVILLE,77 Broxted, Essex, England.Pauper 
Ruth CLARK,74 Debden, Essex, England.Pauper 
Martha HOLMES,45 Barnston, Essex, England.Pauper 
Elizabeth HOCKLEY,28 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper (Head) 
Ada HOCKLEY,12 London, Middlesex, England.Daughter Scholar
Belinda CAMP,93 Gt Bardfield, Essex, England.Pauper 
Joseph James HOCKLEY,1 mGt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper
John FRANCIES,53 Broxted, Essex, England.Pauper (Head) 
Sarah FRANCIES,36 Takeley, Essex, England.Wife 
Mary FRANCIES,13 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Daughter
Charles FRANCIES,10 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Son
Charlotte FRANCIES,8 Little Canfield, Essex, England.Daughter
Jeremiah LITTLE,51 Aythorp Roothing, Essex, England.Pauper 
Joseph PAVELIN,78 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper 
John SEER,84 Great Easton, Essex, England.Pauper 
Daniel LIVERMORE,80 Felstead, Essex, England.Pauper 
Alfred STOKES,31 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper 
George BACON,10 Gt Canfield, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
William BARLTROP,84 Broxted, Essex, England.Pauper 
Stephen HAWKES,57 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper 
Mark HARVEY,76 Felstead, Essex, England.Pauper 
Thomas LEWIS,80 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper 
Richard WENTWORTH,89 Hatfield, Essex, England.Pauper 
Isaac NEWMAN,75 Gt Bardfield, Essex, England.Pauper 
Joseph WINDLEY,81 High Easter, Essex, England.Pauper 
Charles TADGELL,54 Thaxted, Essex, England.Pauper,Handicap: Idiot
William ALLEN,74 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper 
William TURPIN,70 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper 
William BARTROP,77 Takeley, Essex, England.Pauper 
Peter TYLER,59 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper 
John SAWARD,51 Stisted, Essex, England.Pauper 
Charles SWALLOW,62 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper 
Jeremiah FULLER,73 Felstead, Essex, England.Pauper 
Benjamin BACON,86 High Roothing, Essex, England.Pauper 
John BLOOMFIELD,48 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper 
William STURGEON,25 Thaxted, Essex, England.Pauper,Handicap: Blind
William NUNN,84 High Roothing, Essex, England.Pauper 
John BRIGHT,81 Bardfield Saling, Essex, England.Pauper 
Thomas WHYBROW,78,Gt Dunmow, Essex, England,Pauper 
George LODGE,32,High Easter, Essex, England,Pauper 
Mary Ann SAUNDERS,56,Sawbridgeworth, Hertford, England,Pauper 
Charlotte SAUNDERS,20,Hatfield B O, Essex, England,Pauper 
Ellen BARKER,20 Thaxted, Essex, England.Pauper 
Eliza MASON,28Takeley, Essex, England.Pauper 
Eliza LITTLE,19 Takeley, Essex, England.Pauper 
Emma POLLEY,40 Broxted, Essex, England.Pauper (Head) 
Ernest POLLEY,1 Little Canfield, Essex, England.Son
Sophia BYATT,50 Henham, Essex, England. Pauper 
Elizabeth LODGE,20 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England. Pauper 
Thomas Wm. LODGE,2 mGt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper
Susan WHYBROW23 Little Canfield, Essex, England.Pauper 
Ellen ANDREWS,39 Thaxted, Essex, England.Pauper Handicap: Lunatic
Elizabeth ADAMS,62 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper 
Jemima CLAYTON,62 Little Easton, Essex, England.Pauper 
Hannah JOHNSON,32 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper,Handicap: Lunatic
Kezia MATTHEWS,85 Hatfield B O, Essex, England. Pauper 
Sarah THAKE,78 Thaxted, Essex, England. Pauper 
Elizabeth ROBINS,62 Stoney Stratford, Buckingham, England.Pauper 
Mary CHALK,74 High Easter, Essex, England.Pauper,Handicap: Imbecile
Eliza LAKE,86 London, Middlesex, England.Pauper 
William THOROGOOD,78 Gt Easton, Essex, England.Pauper 
Jail SAVILL,18 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper (Head) 
Thirzah SAVILL,5 mGt Dunmow, Essex, England.Daughter 
Thomas SAVILL,11 White Roothing, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
William CUTTS,12 Bardfield Saling, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
James MILLBANK,14 Great Saling, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Arthur LILLEY,9 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
William PATIENT,12 Gt Easton, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
George PATIENT,9 Gt Easton, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Thomas OVERALL,14 Little Saling, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Henry OVERALL,9 Little Saling, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Stephen BACON,13 Gt Canfield, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Herbert SURRIDGE,12 Thaxted, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar 
James CORNELL,13 Thaxted, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Alfred AYLETT,13 Gt Bardfield, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Charles KETLEY,11 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
William COX,10 Gt Easton, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Charles COX,6 Gt Easton, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Harry WALLIS,12 Broxted, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Henry COWELL,7 Thaxted, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Edward DOE,12 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Ernest SMITH,10 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
George SEARLE,14 Takeley, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Charles BRAY,13 High Easter, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Walter HOWLAND,11 Felstead, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Martha OVERALL,12 Little Saling, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Mary TYLER,14 Epping, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Elizabeth TYLER,11 Greenwich, Kent, England.Pauper,Scholar
Ellen COWELL,15 Thaxted, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Elizabeth CARTER,12 Felstead, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Emily CARTER,11 Felstead, Essex, England.Pauper,Scholar
Mary CHALK,11 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Elizabeth CHALK,5 Broomfield, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Ann SAICH,10 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Florence BIRD,9 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Rose BUCK,9 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Clara PARRY,12 Hatfield B O, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Emma PARRY,9 Hatfield B O, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar 
Jane PARRY,12 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Alice PARRY,11 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Eliza CHRISTY,14 Takeley, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Alice CHRISTY,12 Takeley, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Lucy LAUDRUM,15 Chelmsford, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Florence LAUDRUM,11 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Alice COX,8 Gt Easton, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Esther PERRY,8 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Annie PERRY,7 Stebbing, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Elizabeth SMITH,7 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Emily PAINE,7 Gt Bardfield, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Lily FOWLER,5 Gt Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Richard OWERS,4 Little Dunmow, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
Emma PATIENT,4 Gt Easton, Essex, England.Pauper Scholar
John BARNARD,84 Takeley, Essex, England.Pauper Ag Labourer
James EVANS,20 Brighton, Sussex, England.Casual Pauper Ag Lab
George WHITE,22 Barnwell, Cambridge, England.Casual Pauper Bricklayers Labourer
James WEBB,36 Taunton, Somerset, England.Casual Pauper Stonemasons Labourer

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