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EPPING Workhouse and Poor Law Union

Epping is the  centre of a parochial union, comprising 18 parishes, containing 49,000 acres, & a population of 15,000. The Board of Guardians of the union meet on Friday at Union House, Mr John Williams, clerk to the Board. 

The union house has been built about 7 years, & forms a commanding feature from the surrounding district; it is built in the Elizabethan style of architecture, & is capable of accommodating 232. 
Charles Merryman is surgeon; 
Edmund Champness, master; 
Mrs Alice Jeffery, matron; 
Henry Salmons, schoolmaster; 
Harriet Salmons, schoolmistress. 

Post Office 1846 - p 65  
Submitted by Betty Longbottom


Workhouses, List of those visited in 1867 With Name of the Workhouse and numbers of  insane, idiotic, and imbecile inmates.
Epping 2 9 11
Source: 22nd Report of the Commissioners in Lunacy to the Lord Chancellor. Submitted by Alan Longbottom.


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