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Romford Workhouses

Parish of Dagenham - Comyns's Charity 129
At a court holden for the manor of Barking in the county of
Essex, on the 20th August 1757, Richard Comyns surrendered a customary tenement, and an edifice called Wright's, and a parcel of land or yard thereto belonging, with the appurtenances, situate in Dagenham, within the said manor, to the use of Thomas Fanshaw, John Gascoyne Fanshaw, Thomas Fanshaw junr, and John Tyler, their
heirs and assigns, for ver upon trust, out of the rents and 
profits of the said premises, to pay yearly to the minister and
churchwardens of the parish of Dagenham the yearly sum of 40s, to be distributed by them in bread to such poor widows of the said parish, not receiving parish alms, as they should think  proper objects, at Michaelmas and Christmas in each year, in equal moieties.
The above abstract is taken from a copy of the surrender in the custody of the parish officers.
The above premises, on which the parish workhouse now stands, were, on the 10th of May 1810, surrendered to the use of Thomas Lewis Fanshaw, George Winmill and Thomas Waters Brittain, and their heirs upon the above trust.
The present workhouse appears to be the edifice mentioned in the surrender of of 1757; the house and its site belonging to the parish.
An annual sum of 40s is paid in respect of this charity out of the poor-rate, by order of the vestry, to a baker, who furnishes in respect thereof bread to all the poor widows of the parish who receive no parochial alms.
Source: Further Report of the Commissioners for Inquiring Concerning Charities. Vol 29 out of 32 Volumes. 1834
County of Essex Reports 111-268
Submitted by Alan Longbottom

Romford Union

Actual records for Romford are very few, with no individual information.

A Union of 10 parishes & a population f 20,000. The Guardians sit on Tuesdays. The Union workhouses built in 1838 for 500 inmates, at a cost of 9500. 
Funnard Sellars, master; 
Mrs Elizabeth Sellars, matron.
Source: ROMFORD - Post Office 1846 - p 110
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

The Board of Guardians meet alternate Tuesdays at 10.30am. Clerk to the Guardians (July 1st 1908) William Smith. 

Appointment of Gertrude Mary Smedley as Assistant at the Receiving House of the Scattered Homes of the Union on 8 May 1906.

Appointment of Gertrude Mary Smedley as Foster Mother of Cottage Homes at 3, Adelaide Villas, Mawneys, Romford on 24 September 1907 ( at age of 19 years she was the youngest ever Foster Mother employed by the Union)
Source: Testimonial of the Board of Guardians, Romford Union.
Submitted by Howard Davies



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