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Thornbury Workhouse and Poor Law Union

The Board of Guardians meet alternate Fridays at the Union Workhouse, Gloucester Road at 11am. The population of the Union in 1901 was 16,496, area 56,300 acres, and rateable value in 1901 148,671.

The Union comprises the following parishes;
Alkington, Almondsbury, Alveston, Aust, Berkeley, Breadstone, Charfield, Cromhall Abbotts, Elberton, Falfield, Ham & Stone, Hamfallow, Hill, Hinton, Littleton-upon-Severn, Northwick with Redwick, Oldbury-on-Severn, Olveston, Rangeworthy, Rockhampton, Thornbury, Tortworth and Tytherington.

Union Officers 1902
Chairman of the Guardians J. J. Harle esq.
Clerk to the Guardians and Assessment Committee.
Superintendent Registrar
Henry Privett Thurston
Treasurer Edward Harwood
Relieving and Vaccination Oficer - No. 1 District William Young Sainsbury
Relieving and Vaccination Oficer - No. 2 District Henry Codrington
Collectors to the Guardians William Young Sainsbury & Henry Codrington

The Workhouse, Gloucester Road, a building of stone, built in 1840 and a new Infirmary recently added, to hold 300 inmates.

Workhouse Staff 1902
Workhouse Master John Ford
Workhouse Matron Mrs A. Ford
Medical Officer Edward Mills Grace


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