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Westbury and Whorwellsdown Union Workhouse

Board Day, Tuesday fortnightly, at 11am at the Poor Law Institution.
Chairman of the Board of Guardians, William Henry Cary, Manor House, Steeple Ashton, Trowbridge.
Clerk to the Guardians and Assessment Committee, John Callaway, Church Street, Westbury.
The Union comprises the following places: Ashton (West), Bradley (North), Bratton, Bulkington, Coulston (East), Dilton Marsh, Edington,  Heywood, Hinton (Great), Keevil, Southwick, Steeple Ashton, Westbury

The population of the Union in 1911 was 10,043, area 31,533 acres, rateable value Lady day 1915, 64,092.

The Poor Law Institution, a structure of brick, will hold 340 inmates.
John Alfred Austin, Medical Officer
Rev William Clarke, Chaplain
J.R.K. Fear, Master
Mrs Fear, Matron
Source: Kelly's Directory 1915

New workhouse at Westbury on Severn
The guardians of this Union, having for some time past found the accommodation afforded by their house wholly inadequate for the increasing population of the various parishes comprised within their district, (which includes a portion of 
the Forest of Dean), lately determined to erect what in fact amounts to an entirely new workhouse. With this in view they consulted Mr. Alfred W Maberley, of Gloucester and London, architect,; and his plans having been approved by the 
Poor Law Board, the contract was let to Messrs James Coleman and Son, of Chaxhill, builders, who are proceeding rapidly with the work.
The new buildings comprise a large dining hall, with chapel over, ascended by staircases, day-rooms, and dormitories for the aged and infirm and able-bodied of both sexes, and for boys and girls, with school-rooms, lavatories, etc. 
Attached are work-rooms, washhouses, laundries, sheds for out-door labour, with all other necessary rooms required in a building of the kind. The old workhouse will be converted into an infirmary, wards for infectious diseases etc. It is expected that the new house will be ready for occupation during the coming year.
Source: The Builder 1869 Vol XXVII 2nd October 1869 p.793
Submitted by Alan Longbottom.

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