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Alton Workhouse

The Workhouse, Anstey Road, Alton Hants was erected in 1792 on land that was purchased for 110 and the workhouse built of red brick at a cost of 4000 

The Alton Poor Law Union was declared 9th March 1835, with the parishes of Alton, Bentworth, Binsted, Chawton, East Tisted, East Worldham, Farringdon, Froyle, Hartley-Mauditt, Holybourne, Lasham, Medsted, Neatham, Newton-Valence, Selborne, West Worldham and Wield and the Workhouse was then administered by an elected board of Governors. The parish of Bentley was added on 11th May 1835, and the parish of Coldrey on 15th October 1858.

An Infirmary was erected on an adjacent site, and both were taken over by the Public Assistance Committee in 1929.  

The area of the Union in 1861 was 53,057 acres with a population of 12,063

It was used by the Canadian Army in WW" and became part of the NHS in 1948. The Workhouse was renovated in 1985 and became Sheltered Housing.

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