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Ringwood Workhouse

Ringwood Union Workhouse was built of red brick in 1725 at Ashley in Ringwood Parish. It could accommodate 120 inmates.

The Guardians met every Monday, from October to April, and on alternate Mondays during the rest of the year. Five of them were elected yearly for Ringwood Parish, and one for each of the other four Parishes of Ibsley, Ellingham, Harbridge and Burley-Ville.

The Workhouse also catered for Casuals and Tramps, who were usually admitted about 5pm. They could be seen burying their possessions and valuables in nearby ground prior to admission, so they would not be taken from them. When they left two days later they would collect their belongings from the ground!

W. C. D. Esdeile, Esq., is the Chairman.
Mr. Henry St. John Neale is the Union Clerk and Superintendent Registrar.
Mr. Wm Buckland and Mrs Jane McDaniel are Master and Matron of the Workhouse, and Harriet Pilbrow, Schoolmistress.
Source: History, Gazeteer and Directory of Hampshire 

The Workhouse closed in December 1936, but part remains standing as a Private Residence in Ashley on the Verwood Road. The Inscription above the doorway still remains stating: "This House Erected by the Parish, 1725".

Very few records are held for Ringwood Union, however there are some books of registers which can be viewed. 

Workhouse Day Book extracts

February 3rd 1827
John E. says he will not go to Church as he belongs to the Upper Meeting House, punishment bread and water until he does.

February 24th 1827
the weather being very cold Jane C. would feel much obliged to the Gentlemen (overseers) if they would give her a quill (blanket) for use on the bed. Reply: No.

June 26th 1827
William B. taken before Mr. Jupp and Mr. Shute (both JP's) and committed to Winchester Prison to hard labour for three weeks for using indecent language and misconduct before Martha H., Charlotte B., and Amelia M., when they was at work in the field.

June 26th 1827
Charlotte B. taken before Mr. Jupp and Mr. Shute at The Woolpack, Sopley, and sent to Winchester Prison for three weeks for running away from the workhouse having the Parish clothes on.

October 20th 1827
The Governor beg to inform the Gentlemen (overseers) that there is a considerable quantity of small carrots and potatoes in the House and think it advisable to buy a large pig to eat them. Reply: Buy one.

July 18th 1829
Speak about Robert F. using impertinent language to the Governor. Punishment, to be kept on bread and water for four weeks.

September 9th 1829
Ann M. sent to Winchester Prison for fourteen days by John Mills Esq., for beating Jane W. and being impertinent to the Governess.

In door Poor for the half year ending Michaelmas, 1876

Name of the Paupers Age No. Days Maintenance
Attrill, Eli 33 120
Broomfield, Ann 37 189
Walter George, her child 1 189
Hutchins, Andrew 74 189
Goffe, Charles 11 189
Goffe, William 8 189
Whitcher, William 13 72
Woods, Esther 17 189
Matilda Jane, her child 1 189
Stokes, George 75 177
Brown, John 43 3
Bush, Harriet 31 189
Barnes, William 81 189
Broomfield, Arthur 70 10
Barter, Louisa 43 33
William, her child 9 61
Cutler, George 75 189
Croucher, John 61 189
Cossby, John 72 169
Curl, James 66 94
Curl, John sen. 74 26
Curl, John jun. 30 3
Downton, George 84 189
Deacon, Alice 10 3
Earley, Emily 28 168
Ann Eliza, her child 1 168
Hodges, Ann 43 189
Jeffery, George 8 189
Jeffery, Ann Elizabeth 5 189
James, Martha 9 186
James, Caroline 2 189
King, William 14 72
Lockyer, Mary 85 189
Legg, Joseph 82 181
Lear, William 45 74
Nickolls, Ellen 40 184
Ellen, her child 12 38
Caroline, her child 11 184
David, her child 9 184
Newman, Henry 35 19
William, his child 10 19
Charles, his child 7 19
Nickolls, Amelia 43 188
Alice, her child 10 188
Quinton, George 69 176
Read, George 71 189
Read, David 88 189
Rogers, Elizabeth 76 189
Rickman, Sarah 24 163
Alice, her child 1 143
Small, Fanny 35 189
Savage, Elizabeth 42 189
William, her child 13 189
Rosa, her child 9 189
Street, George 39 27
Sharley, William 71 13
Stainer, Love 31 189
Bessy, her child 11 189
Charles Geo., her child 8 189
Henry, her child 2 189
Wiseman, John 47 189
White, Charles 11 189
White, Mary 72 189
White, Harry 81 168
Whiffen, Joseph 75 189
Witt, James 71 99
Watton, John 66 56
Yeatman, Ann 70 40

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Workhouses, List of those visited in 1867 With Name of the Workhouse and numbers of  insane, idiotic, and imbecile inmates.
Ringwood 1 2 3
Source: 22nd Report of the Commissioners in Lunacy to the Lord Chancellor. Submitted by Alan Longbottom.


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