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Holbeach Workhouse

Following the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act 1834, Holbeach Union was officially declared 23rd November 1835.

The Union comprises 11 parishes etc extending over an area of about 76,000 acres, & it had 19,134 inhabitants in 1851. The total average annual expenditure of the 11 parishes etc during the 3 years preceding the formation of the Union, was 10,344. The expenditure of the Union on the poor was 6506 in 1838, 5481 in 1839, & 10,270 in 1855. 
Source: White Directory 1856 - p 830
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

Holbeach Union comprised the Parishes of Fleet, Gedney, Gedney Hill, Holbeach, Lutton, Sutton St Edmund, Sutton St James, Sutton St Mary, Tydd St Mary, Whaplode and Central Wingland.

The Union Workhouse was built in 1837, at a cost of upwards of 6000. It is partly in Fleet parish, & was enlarged in 1851. It has now room for 310 inmates; but it had only 124 in 1841, & 250 in 1851, when the census was taken. 
Source: White Directory 1856 - p 830
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

The Workhouse in Fleet, a building of brick built in 1837 from the designs of Robert Ellis jnr, architect at a cost of 5,812 and could accommodate 419 inmates.

Mr Edward George Ayliff is the union clerk & supt.reg; Mr Edgar Luke Lance is the governor & Mrs Hannah Millns, matron of the workhouse. 
Source: White Directory 1856 - p 830
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

Since 1900 alterations were made at a cost of 3,560.

Richard Peel Mossop, Clerk to the Guardians and Assessment Committee
Robert Russell Harper, Medical Officer
W. H. Green, Master of the Workhouse
Miss Lucy Simpson, Matron of the Workhouse
Miss Sinclair, Schoolmistress.

The Workhouse Master in 1930 was Arthur Reginald Fryer.

The building is now used as Holbeach House Nursing Home.

Lincolnshire Archives, St Rumbold Street, Lincoln, LN2 5AB.
The Grimsby records are at the North Lincolnshire Archives in Grimsby.

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