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Following the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834 Spilsby Union was declared 19th March 1837.

The Union has 28,937 inhabitants & 140,269 acres of land, divided into 66 parishes. The total expenditure of the Union was 9417 in 1840; but it was upwards of 12,000 in the year ended March 1856. 

The Union workhouse, built in 1837/38, is a large brick building, on the north side of the town, in Hundleby parish, & has room for 250 paupers. 
Source: White Directory 1856 - p 790
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

The Board of Guardians meet on alternate Thursdays at the Workhouse Board room.

The Rev T H Rownsley is chairman of the Board of Guardians
William Walker jnr is union clerk & supt.reg
Rev B J Wood, chaplain
Benjamin & Mrs Barlow are master & matron of the Workhouse.
Source: White Directory 1856 - p 790
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

The Workhouse, a large structure of brick was erected 1838 in the parish of Hungleby from designs by G. Gilbert Scott and W. Bonython Moffatt, architects, to accommodate 250 inmates.

George Walker, Clerk to the Guardians and Assessment Committee
Rev. Harry Greenwood, M.A. Chaplain
John Walker, Medical Officer
John L. Ironmonger, Master of the Workhouse
Mrs Emma Ironmonger, Matron of the Workhouse
Miss Elizabeth Woodly, Schoolmistress
Source: Kelly's Directory 1892

Lincolnshire Archives, St Rumbold Street, Lincoln, LN2 5AB.
The Grimsby records are at the North Lincolnshire Archives in Grimsby.

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