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STAMFORD Parish Workhouse

Noted in the Parish Registers of St Michael, Stamford.

GREY William October 29th 1770 56 Master of the Workhouse, Parish of St Michael, Stamford.
MOALES Bridget 1754 -- From the Workhouse - Dates obscured, but she died sometime before the baby
MOALES Ann 1754 Infant From the Workhouse
BROWN John July 3rd 1763 none From the Workhouse
ROBINSON John August 25th 1763 none From the Workhouse
RICHARDSON William March 2nd 1766 60 From the Workhouse
ELKINS Rossemonde May 28th 1766 70 Widow
From the Workhouse
WADE Mary November 19th 1766 21 From the Workhouse
MCKENZIE Alexander December 20th 1770 71 From the Workhouse
MARCY Mary April 9th 1773 60 From the Workhouse
BADLEY Anne February 13th 1775 56 "porper"
(does not state from Workhouse)
COLSON Samuel March 30th 1779 35 From the Workhouse
GREY Margaret October 18th 1779 faded From the Workhouse
Source: Transcribed and Submitted by Keith Tinkler


Following the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834 Stamford Union was officially declared 2nd November 1835.

The Union comprises 36 parishes etc, extending over 52,858 acres, & having 19,755 inhabitants in 1851. They extend into 4 counties. The Union Workhouse was built in 1836/37, at the cost of 5000, & is an extensive building in St Martin, Stamford Baron, with room for about 260 inmates, though it had only 94 in 1841, & 186 in 1851, when the census was taken. 
Source: White Directory 1856 - p 882
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

The Workhouse in St Martin, a large brick building on Barnack Road, on the borders of the Welland and Burghley parks, was erected in 1836-37 from designs by Bryan Browning, architect at a cost of 5,000 and could accommodate 256 inmates.

The Board of Guardians meets every Wednesday at 11 morning. Mr Jeremiah Clayton is the union clerk & supt reg. ... Mr John William Kirkby & Mrs Sarah Ward are master & matron of the Workhouse; the Rev John Williams, chaplain; & William & Mary Ann Houson, teachers of the schools. 
Source: White Directory 1856 - p 882
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

A new Union Workhouse was erected on Bourne Road in 1899 from designs by J.H. Morton, architect to accommodate 175 inmates. 

Lincolnshire Archives, St Rumbold Street, Lincoln, LN2 5AB.
The Grimsby records are at the North Lincolnshire Archives in Grimsby.

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