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Mile End Old Town

Formed part of Limehouse Parish Union until 1857. 
Admission and Discharge registers available 1840-1857

Mile End Old Town (Hamlet) Workhouse, Bancroft Road, erected 1858. 
Admission and Discharge registers available 1879-1926. In addition to various other records and Minutes.

Mile End Old Town Infirmary
Admission and Discharge registers 1883-1926

Bancroft Road School founded 1867
From 1899 Children were mainly sent to Scattered Homes.

Hamlet of Mile End Old Town was added to Stepney Union in 1925.

In 1930 it became known as Mile End Hospital, and was absorbed by The London Hospital in 1968 becoming known as The London Hospital (Mile End).

Workhouse bakehouses - Mile End Old Town
The Poor-Law Guardians of the hamlet of Mile End Old Town, have recently been engaged in frequent discussions as to the advisability of establishing a bakery in connexion with their workhouse, in Bancroft Rd., for supplying the in- and out-door poor with bread. A committee of the Board was appointed to privately discuss the benefit likely to result from the adoption of the scheme, and at a meeting of the Board, held on the 7th instant, a report was presented by this committee, recommending that the proposal be adopted, and stating that "we have obtained from Mr. W. Dobson, architect, a plan showing the proposed alteration, and the cost of the same. The erection of the bakehouse, oven, flour-store, and chimney-shaft, were estimated by Mr. Dobson to cost 460, and the erection of two 12 bushel ovens to cost about 120 making a total of 580. Should the Board decide on adopting this our recommendation, we further recommend that one of Stevens's hand-power bread-baking machines be obtained, at a cost of from 25 to 50"
Some opposition was offered, on the ground that the adoption of the scheme would seriously injure the tradesmen of the hamlet, but eventually the report was carried, and advertisements ordered to be issued, inviting tenders for carrying out the works.
Source: The Builder 1869 Vol XXVII 16th October 1869 p.834
Submitted by Alan Longbottom.


London Metropolitan Archives
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