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Morpeth Union Workhouse

Board day, every alternate Wednesday at the Workhouse, at 11am. The population of the Union in 1891 was 42,319, area 97,515 and rateable value in 1893 227,664.

The following places are comprised within the Union, Angerton (High), Angerton (Low), Ashington & Sheepwash, Bedlington, Benridge, Biggis Quarter, Bockenfield, Bothal Demesne, Bullocks Hall, Cambo, Causey Park, Chevington (East), Chevington (West), Cockle Park, Corridge, Cresswell, Deanham, Earsdon, Earsdon Forest, Edington, Ellington, Eshot, Fenrother, Freeholders Quarter, Hadstone, Hartburn, Hartburn Grange, Hebron, Hepscott, Highlaws, Highlaws (High & Low), Hirst, Linmouth, Longhirst, Longshaws, Long Witton, Meldon, Middleton (North), Middleton (South), Mitford, Molesdon, Morpeth, Morpeth Castle, Netherwitton, Newbiggin, Newminster Abbey, Newton Park, Newton Underwood, North Seaton, Nunriding, ld Moor, Pegswood, Pigdon, Riddell's Quarter, River Green, Spital Hill, Stanton, Thirston, Thornton East, Thornton West, Throphill, Todridge, Tranwell & High Church, Tritlington, Ulgham, Wallington Demesne, Whitridge, Widdrington, Witton Shields, Woodhorn and Woodhorn Demesne.

Union Officers 1893 (Kelly's Directory)
Clerk to the Guardians and Assessment Committee George Brumell
Collector to the Guardians George S. Waterson
Collector to the Guardians John Dowson
Treasurer John Hann
Relieving and Vaccination Officer - Bedlington District G. S. Waterson
Relieving and Vaccination Officer - Morpeth District John Dowson
Superintendent Registrar George Brumell

The Workhouse, Newgate Street, a building of brick to hold 150 inmates. Dr. Robert Blakey (1795-1878) was a Guardian of Morpeth Union Workhouse between September 1836 and March 1838, famously reknown for his attacks on the Poor Law Amendment Act in a number of letters to the press, which were later published. A famous inmate at Morpeth, was Robert Whinham "The Fiddler" musician and composer, who died at Morpeth Union Workhouse 13th December 1893 from Cardiac Disease aged 79. 

Workhouse Staff 1893 (Kelly's Directory)
John Wormald Master
Hugh Dickie Medical Officer
Jane Wormald Matron

Inmates of both the Union Workhouse and the Asylum were usually buried in the graveyard (south-west corner) at St Mary's Church, Morpeth. The Workhouse has since been demolished and is now the site of a telephone exchange.


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