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Witney Poor Law Union and Workhouse

Board day, every Thursday at 11am at the Workhouse.
Clerk, N. Graham Ravenor, High Street, Witney.
The population of the Union in 1881 was 21,534; rateable value 121,992.
Witney Union comprises the following places:

The Workhouse is a large stone building, erected about 1835-36, it is on the Cheltenham Road, about three quarters of a mile north-west of the Town, locally in the hamlet of Curbridge and is constructed to contain 450 inmates. In the grounds is a chapel for the use of the inmates.
Augustus Evans, Master.
Rev. James Payne, Chaplain.
Augustine Batt, Medical Officer.
Mrs Annie Evans, Matron.
Eliza Morse, Schoolmistress.

Witney Burial Board
Formed in 1855. The cemetary, covering an area of 3A, 1R, 25P., was purchased by the Board for 170 and opened for interrment in January 1857. It has two mortuary chapels. The cost of erecting the chapels and cemetary keepers house and laying out the grounds was 1,360.
Source: Kelly's Directory 1883

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