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Wellington Workhouse and Poor Law Union

The Board of Guardians meet every alternate Thursday, at the Union Offices, Walker Street, at 11am. The area of the Union is 35,788 acres, the population in 1891 was 24,078 and the rateable value in 1899 120,578.

The Union comprises the following parishes;
Bolas Magna, Ercall Magna, Eyton-upon-the-Weald Moors, Hadley, Kimmersley, Longdon-uon-Tern, Preston-on-the-Weald Moors, Rodington, Waters Upton, Wellington Urban, Wellington Rural, Wombridge, Wrockwardine and Wrockwardine Wood.

Union and Public Officers 1900
Chairman of the Board of Guardians Rev. Josephus Judson
Clerk to the Guardians and Assessment Committee John Jones
Relieving Officer - Wellington District Harry Holmes
Relieving Officer - Ercall Magna District W. A. R. Ball
Treasurer Jn. Galbraith 
Superintendent Registrar John Jones
Collector of Poor Rates Edward Paterson
Coroner for the Bradford South and Brimstree Shifnal Division John Vernon Thomas Lander

The Workhouse, Holyhead Road, a structure of brick, erected in 1875 and will hold 350 inmates.

Workhouse Staff 1900
Medical Officer William Thomas Hawthorn
Workhouse Master Frederick W. Frost
Workhouse Matron Mrs Thomas


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