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Wem Workhouse and Poor Law Union

The Board of Guardians meet alternate Thursdays at the Board Room, Workhouse, at 10.30am. The area of the Union is 52,451 acres, the population in 1891 was 10,119 and the rateable value in 1900 90,955.

The Union comprises the following parishes;
Broughton, Clive, Gronshill, Lee Brockhurst, Loppington, Moreton Corbet, Prees, Shawbury, Stanton-upon-Hine Heath, Wem, Weston & Whixhill-under-Redcastle & Whixhall.

Union Officers 1900
Chairman of the Board of Guardians J. M. Kilvert
Clerk to the Board of Guardians and Assessment Committee Walt. Sutton Salt
Relieving and Vaccination Officer for the Union Benjamin George Stokes
Superintendent Registrar Walter Sutton Salt
Treasurer George Leonard

The Workhouse, Creamore, a structure of brick, erected in 1837 and will hold 95 inmates. The Children attend the National School.

Workhouse Staff 1900
Medical Officer George Hawson Keyworth
Chaplain Rev. Henry Evelyn Postlethwaite
Workhouse Master William Francis Belliss
Workhouse Matron Mrs May Belliss


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