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Tamworth UWH 1841 census

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Tamworth UWH 1841 census

Tamworth Union Workhouse

Erected in 1856 on Wigginton Road, Tamworth.
Later became known as St Editha's Hospital, and was closed in 1998.

Tamworth Workhouse (the building which later became St. Editha's Hospital on Wiggington
Road) was not built until the late 1850s although on 16th April 1836 it was resolved that the Workhouse Committee "be requested to make enquiries for a piece of land not less than one acre as an eligible site for a new workhouse ..".  This is taken from the Guardians' Minutes.
After the introduction of the new poor law, the Guardians made enquiries, including of Sir Robert Peel, concerning the purchase of land for a new workhouse, but decided after much debate and negotiation with the Overseers of Tamworth Parish to rent the existing workhouse on Lady Bank instead.  They rented the same for some ten years and finally purchased it outright.  Shortly thereafter on 3rd May 1856 it was agreed that a new workhouse was needed and the Building Committee recommended the purchase of a field and land at Wigginton. 
The first meeting in the new workhouse was held on 7th May 1859 and the Minutes end with the hope that "it may be a comfort to the Paupers and conducive to the interests of the Union and the Ratepayers at large".   
Source: Submitted by Corinne Stanton (Mrs)

Tamworth Board of Guardians 1912

Mr. F. W. Rudgard (Chairman)
Mr E. G. Ashwood (Vice Chairman)

Mr. F. Alldritt Mr. W. Haskey
Mr. F. G. Allton Mr E. Hollins
Mr W. H. Bailey Mrs Huggins
Mr T. J. Beech Mr. T. Lowe
Miss Edwards Mr. C. F. Marston
Mr. A. J. Fletcher Rev. J. O'Toole
Mr. F. Fletcher Mr. W. L. Purves
Mr. C. Felton Mr. J. L. Ridsdale
Mr. T. Florendine Mr. W. A. J. Riley
Mr. A. H. Griffiths Mr. J. Ross
Mr. F. A. Grayston Mr. H. Rudder
Mr. H. Tidy Mr. A. Sillito
Mr. J. Wood Mr. H. C. Goostry
Mr. J. Hunt Rev. D. Fraser
Mr. G. S. Bidwell
Clerk Mr. J. H. Dewes
Relieving Officer Mr. W. R. White
Relieving Officer S/C Mr. W. E. House
Master (Feb) Mr. F. Eastwood
Master (July) Mr. F. G. Lambert

The list of the Board of Guardians is not complete.

The meeting of the Tamworth Board of Guardians.
Extracts from Tamworth Herald, Saturday Feb. 24, 1912

....... The Clerk (Mr J. H. Dewes) reported that he had gone through the old books and records which had been stored at the workhouse, and decided which it was necessary to keep. It was resolved that the disused books be handed to the Master (Mr. F. Eastwood) to be consumed in the boilers as fast as convenient..........

 ....... In connection with the amalgamation of Sutton Coldfield, a letter was read from Mr. Curtis, Clerk of the Preliminary Committee, asking the Guardians to arrange to receive the Adult indoor poor belonging to Sutton Coldfield Parish on April 1. The Clerk was instructed to reply that the Guardians would be in a position to so receive them. Mr. Purves was asked to visit Aston Workhouse and get particulars of the children to become chargeable to the Union. 
The committee recommended that an additional Nurse be appointed for the Infirmary. 
It was resolved that the Nurses be requested to wear when on duty uniform of a standard pattern to be prescribed by the Matron..........

....... Mr Purves reported that he had been to Aston Workhouse and cottage Homes, and he laid before the Committee particulars of the children to be transferred, which were adjourned to the next meeting.........

....... The Master reported that the vagrants admitted during the fortnight numbered 57 ~ 48 males and 9 females; 52 were detained two nights. Literature for the inmates was received from the Free Library, Tamworth, the Vicar of Tamworth and Mr. E. Hollins..........

The meeting of the Tamworth Board of Guardians.
Extracts from Tamworth Herald, Saturday July 27, 1912

....... The Clerk explained that at the last meeting the House, Infirmary and Building Committee brought forward a plan of a new kitchen which they recommended should be erected, at an approximate estimated cost of 1,450 .....

....... The Local Government Board Inspector stated that there were 70 inmates more than there were last year, owing to the inclusion of Sutton Coldfield. The Workhouse altogether was not in a satisfactory condition, but under their last Master (Mr. F. Eastwood) it was greatly improved. (The new Master was Mr. F. G. Lambert). He was sorry they had lost him. Since he had had charge of the District they had had 3 Masters; and he thought one of the things they should consider was why the Masters were likely to leave. Two of the Masters had taken him into their rooms and had shown him the walls, which were damp........

....... Moving the adoption of the report of the House, Infirmary and Visiting Committee; Mr. Ross referred to the children belonging to Sutton Coldfield, which were still in the Homes. He said the charges were very high, and they were taking steps to alter it. Probably they would be able to report at the next meeting that the children could either be Boarded out or dealt with in some other way. He visited the House and Infirmary on Thursday and found everything quite satisfactory and in good order.
Mr. Florendine seconded, and it was carried.

....... A letter was read from the Local Government Board, sanctioning the holding of the usual meetings of the Guardians at the Town Hall.


Workhouses, List of those visited in 1867 With Name of the Workhouse and numbers of  insane, idiotic, and imbecile inmates.
Tamworth 1 3 4
Source: 22nd Report of the Commissioners in Lunacy to the Lord Chancellor. Submitted by Alan Longbottom.


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