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Mutford and Lothingland Union

The House of Industry, belonging to the Incorporated Hundred of Mutford & Lothingland, is at Oulton, about 2+ miles W of Lowestoft, & was built in 1765, at the cost of about 3000. 

The 24 parishes of this Hundred were incorporated for the maintenance of their poor, by an Act of Parliament, passed Nov 15, 1763. This Act was amended, & its powers enlarged by another Act, passed in 1833. Notwithstanding the passing of the general Poor Law Amendment Act, in the following year, this incorporated Hundred still continues under its own local management, the Board of Guardians adopting only such suggestions, made by the Poor Law Commissioners, as they think useful & necessary.

In 1836, they enlarged the House of Industry, & made some alterations for the better classification of the inmates, at the cost of about 1100. When the census was taken, the number of inmates in the following years was 233 in 1821; 221 in 1831; & 141 in 1841. During the quarter ended June 24, 1843, the number of out door paupers was 1739, & in door 210; & the expenditure for the same quarter was 1039.8s.11+d, exclusive of 10.19s.6d for registration fees. 

The Poor Law Commissioners, in their first report, speak highly of the comfort & economy exhibited in this House of Industry, & also of the general management of the Incorporated Hundred, which is vested with a Board of 24 Directors & 36 Guardians, elected at annual vestry meetings. Mr Edmund Norton, of Lowestoft, is their clerk ... Mr Henry Harrison is governor of the House of Industry.
Source: White Directory 1844 - p 481
Submitted by Betty Longbottom


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